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    OMG, thank you, ChicagoBubba! iTunes' laggy podcast list view has been driving me nuts for months. Also, the network bandwidth meter was taking a jump into the several Mb/secong range every time I so much as opened list view, almost as if iTunes was sending and retrieving library content to and from a server.


    So first I shrunk the iTunes window to the smallest possible opening before selecting the dreaded list view. Then quickly hit command-j, and unchecked "show artwork." Instantly the bandwidth meter went to near zero, and the list returned to scrolling all smooth and supple like it's supposed to. Yeah, it's a bummer not to see the artwork, but I'll take the trade. iTunes was evidently trying to continuously reconcile album art.

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    Does anyone know how to see a podcast's track list in the iOS7 Podcast app?  I can still see it in my old iOS6 iPod Touch with podcasts playing in the music app.

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