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Apple Airplay is not working in WIFI on WLC 4404 ios 7.0.116,while connecting the WPA2 enabled SSID ,we getting error 369033213 on Apple TV.

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    This configuration is worked for me Wep encryption with airplay; I will come back with WPA configuration.

    I have enabled multicast on controller

    1. Click on controller tab->AP Multicast Mode-Mutlicast-Multicast and provide the multicast ip address
    2. Left pane -> multicast->enable global multicast and igmp snooping
    3. If mutlicast is not configuring on the layer 3 switch configure the same by entering on the global config

    #config t

    config#ip multicast-routing

    1. Which are the VLAN needs to enable the multicast, just select and do the config
    2. 4.a create loopback interface

    interface Loopback1000

    ip address 192.168.X.1

    ip pim sparse-mode

    1. Enable the multicast on vlan

    Interface Vlanyyy

    Description "MANAGEMENT Vlan"

    ip address 172.X.100.100

    no ip redirects

    ip pim sparse-mode

    Connect the apple Tv and Mac with same SSID, airplay icon will get able automatically, select the apple TV and see you would be able to connected.

    If sound is not playing when airplay mirroring is happing .Go to system preference on Mac->sound->output->select the output device as apple TV and increase the sound.

    Hope it will help...

    Note: don’t copy paste the command, check your network and topology and do the configuration