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    I have an ipad2 w/o cellular. But my iphone as a cellular tab under settings. Is it turned on?

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    You can go to settings | general | reset | reset network settings. This will not erase data.  Or call your cellular provider.

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    I had the same problem, got the "No Service" message when I turned on cellular data. Here's what fixed it for me. While being connected to wi-fi, I viewed my cellular account and added some data.  After the resulting confirmation from AT&T, I suddenly had four bars and was ready to go.

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    I have the same problem on iPhone 5. And more: I can't go to Setting-Cellular data.

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    I havent this problem

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    Anyone have solution to this 3g problem in iOS 7.+? I have this problem too and don't know what to do. I don't have warranty any more, coz my ipad 2 is too old, but it's not my foult that this happend. It's ****** Apple foult! After updating to new software they crushed my 3g connection, ***?!  It's looks like thay did it on purpose to destroy old devices. It's extortion to buy new product!! Apple I demand Your help in this issue. It's Your foult and You should fix it!

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    I wholeheartedly agree with D1trich.  As a result of this issue I have purchased a Samsung Galaxy note 2014. Apple get your S##T together. I also posted on this blog and had no help from Apple. Very disappointed x apple customer.

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    Thank You apple... for Your non intresting in problem caused by Your ******, devastating update. You screw 3g of many people devices and didn't want to reply here on official forum or say sorry... moreover You wanna payment for customer support contact without considering this is clearly Your fault. You should help everyone with this problem for free!!! Very disappointing $ apple $.



    Here guys is solution for this problem (I solved it alone ).

    Restore Your device in iTunes, but DON'T restore from backup.

    You need to start it like a new, clean from data device.

    With restoring backup You restore 3g problem too.


    Hope this will work for everyone.

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    What has everyone done about this issue. My warranty is up and my cellular service has tried everything.

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    Apple, I demand help with this issue. It is inexcusable and I am paying for cellular service that I CANT USE.

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    I've done both of those and new SIM card nothing works.

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