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  • Zatixo Level 1 Level 1

    Definitively working. Thanks.



    So, this is the new way of fixing bug. Apple uses the forum as a public bug reporter, where user can fix bugs on their own, so they don't need to pay dev.

  • rockmyplimsoul Level 5 Level 5

    Prash83 wrote:


    Thanks to this thread I just submitted feedback for the broken "Live updating", hope to see a fix for that in iOS soon!

    Lots of luck with that, Live Updating on the device has been broken since iOS 3.x if "Playlist Is ..." is one of your criteria.

  • Abarylak Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, that is correct that that has been "broken" but it is understandable that it won't work for that, because it would have to calculate possibly infinite playlists in order to make that work, or if you don't sync one of the playlists needed, then what is it supposed to do?  I agree with Apple that if a playlist builds itself from another playlist, it doesn't live update on the mobile device.  However, this shouldn't be necessary anymore with the ability to nest criteria with different And/Or expressions.


    The true bug here is that smart playlists in iOS 7 don't recognize 0 star rated songs, they just don't show up in the playlist or the playlist has no content, but the music is still on the device.  This has caused me to have to create duplicate playlists specific for iOS 7 devices.


    Let me re-iterate again, everyone, please submit your feedback on so that this issue can hopefully be resolved.  Thanks.

  • rockmyplimsoul Level 5 Level 5

    Abarylak wrote:


    Yes, that is correct that that has been "broken" but it is understandable that it won't work for that, because it would have to calculate possibly infinite playlists in order to make that work, or if you don't sync one of the playlists needed, then what is it supposed to do?

    No "infinite calculation" required if you point to a specific playlist(s), and Live Updating should not be problem if the source playlist(s) is also synced to the device (which I do).  An iPod Classic can do this just fine using the exact same smart playlists as an iOS device, so clearly it is very possible, but broken in iOS since iOS since v3.1 (or thereabouts).


    Prior to iOS 3.1 (or "iPhone OS 3.1" as it was called back then), my 2G iPod Touch did Live Updating just like my Classic on smart playlists that have multiple "layers", but then it all went to **** with an iOS update and never worked since on my Touch (long gone), or numerous generations of iPhones and iPads ... but the Classic (and older gen Nano) continue to handle on-board Live Updating just fine with very complex SPL structures.


    Further, the nesting of criteria does not resolve complex situations ... there are times you have to reference another playlist to effectively manage a library that exceeds the capacity of the device, and where you want to apply some intelligence and "shaping" of what is selected for syncing.


    As for your 0-star problem, my 0-star playlist works just fine under iOS 7 on my iPhone and iPad.  Well, "fine" in terms of it matching the iTunes version of the playlist (won't do Live Updating per above).  In my case, the exact criteria I use is:


    - Match All

    - Rating is (blank)

    - Media Kind is Music (an old "patch" that used to help)

    - Playlist is "Summation" (a master playlist of everything that syncs to my devices)


    Adding "Media Kind" may not help you, but you can use "Playlist Is" and specify "Music", which is the general category for music items in your library (this category can be used as a pseudo-playlist for such purposes).

    That may help you, but of course Live Updating won't work because of the "Playlist Is ..." criteria.

    But by all means, submit feedback to Apple ... I just don't hold out hope for Live Updating since it has been messed up for years and I've submitted numerous feedback on this matter.

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    Exactly, that type of playlist does work because iOS treats it like a standard playlist not a smart playlist.  I agree that referencing other playlists should still keep the smart playlist as a smart playlist.  However, if you have a playlist that references another playlist, that references another playlist, that references another playlist, and so on, it could get confusing to fit that into a portable device.  It should be possible, and it should be fixed.  I think we are talking about 2 different issues, and both should be reported to Apple.


    I personally don't understand why regression issues such as these don't get higher priority from Apple.  It used to work, and now it doesn't, obviously it's a bug that should be fixed, so I don't understand why they don't just fix it and make happy customers.  Instead they get customers that would just as easily switch to another platform to get away from simple regression issues such as these.

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    Amen! This is my exact argument as well. It's difficult to counter the message that Android is better when all they have to do is point to my issue. An Apple application running on a Apple iphone should just work. It's a message that most people hear; Apple products "just work". In this case not even close for me. I have itunes match smart playlists that use time based criteria. For example, "last skipped not in the last 30 days" or "Time is greater than 0:59. With these in the smart playlist then playlist shows up on my iphone as "no content". It works fine on my laptop and other non-itunes match smartplaylist devices (nano, ipod) but not on my iphone or ipad. It seems to clearly be tied to itunes match for me. I turn off itunes match and sync with the computer and it syncs fine.


    I should note that if I remove the time based critera it almost works but I still have problems with it trying to sync 0 rated music even when I have rating is greater than 3. At the end of the day there are several issues wrong with the app and it's clear they have not performed adequate regression testing. It's embarassing and annoying.

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    Prash83 wrote:


    I had a similar problem, where my smart playlists including songs with <rating - is - unrated> were not including any of those 0 star songs on the iPad & iPhone. All playlists were working on iTunes on my PC. After reading the forum and much fiddling, it seems like I was having 2 problems coinciding:


    1. Certain smart playlists on iOS are broken - for me the ones including the criteria of unrated songs.
    2. iOS wasn't recognising unrated songs (i.e. the songs seemed to have a rating of "N/A" rather than a rating of 0)


    I have solved the problem by:

    1. Creating a non-smart playlist, included all the unrated songs on it.
    2. Highlighted them all, gave them a rating (anything is fine).
    3. Synced to record the new rating on iDevices (you should do this for all devices now, or it won't fix problem 2 above on the unsynced devices).
    4. Removed rating from same songs.
    5. Sync again.
    6. Create a new smart playlist for unrated songs.
    7. Deleted the old smart playlist - any linked playlist will show up with a next to them in iTunes. You have to relink those playlists to the new smart playlist.
    8. Sync again


    My problem included multiple playlists where one the criteria was <rating - is - unrated>. I didn't want to recreate all of those playlists, so i changed the <rating - is - unrated> to refer to the new smart playlist i.e. <playlist - is - unrated>.


    Hope this might help someone else.


    Thanks to this thread I just submitted feedback for the broken "Live updating", hope to see a fix for that in iOS soon!

    I tried this workaround, and suprisingly it worked for me.  However, it does seem to be a pure workaround and not a permanent solution by any means.  I haven't test this yet, but it seems to me that this will not help new songs from working correctly, or if a song is removed from the iOS device at some point, does it still remember how to rate that song as 0 rated, probably not.  So, it at least gets smart playlists working to an extent again, but this is definitely something that needs a permanent fix from Apple on either the iTunes side or the iOS side.


    Again i will reiterate, if anyone has not submitted their bug to, please do so in order to ensure these bugs are visible to Apple and hopefully they will be fixed.  Thanks.

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    For some reason, this solved my problem. I had a playlist for all unrated songs with the word "paste" in the album title which refused to sync. "Rating = 0" and "Rating < 1" criteria did not work. Here is what did:


    Rating != 1

    Rating != 2

    Rating != 3

    Rating != 4

    Rating != 5

    Media kind = music

    Album contains "paste"

  • justinis Level 1 Level 1

    Nevermind. This worked once and then went back to not syncing (as in, the playlist is empty on my iphone 5).

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    I solved the issue I was having simply by turning off Find my Phone,  Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services  and switch the Find my iPhone to off.  I then sync'd my phone and everything worked perfectly.  Not sure why this would have any effect on my playlists but oh well.   This also seemed to fix the "Trust This Computer?" question from coming up everytime I plugged in my iPhone.

  • jemaferr Level 1 Level 1

    I've already installed IOS 7.1 beta 2 and finally all seems working. My smarts playlist with rate=0 and live update sync perfectly. Six months from the first IOS 7 beta for fixing this issue.

  • luizsaluti Level 1 Level 1

    That seems to be good news.

    Playlists that follow the rule "Last Played is not in the last" xx days doesn't work for songs that have never been played. The music app is having problems with null values, I hope all gets fixed in the next release.

  • Judy__ Level 1 Level 1

    Trying to create a smart playlist with all videos - the ones with no value in Kind do not appear on the list. If I ask for all podcasts not containing audio the list also does not contain the ones with Kind of no value. This is about half of the  video podcasts that are missing from the resultant lists. There seems no way around this. What kind of dumb programmers do not understand null strings and provide for them in some way? Apple is really doing dumb stuff lately. I stopped using it for awhile after it deleted a lot of my library on one of the updates. Luckily I use Carbonite. I had some time to test  the newest iTunes this week but precious little has been fixed since October. I mean these are mistakes even community college types of programmers don't make.   Is everyone in Apple now afraid to speak truth to power or have all the good programmers been retired/fired?????


    How can one manage podcast updates of several hundred a week without being able to use smart playlists???


    Not being able to delete episodes from  the playlist view is also a pain. Honestly??? A simple thing like that? It used to be so simple to use iTunes when Jobs was around.

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    I was able to do a work-around by doing the following:


    1) Create a smart playlist with the parameters you want (rating=0, or Last Played is not the the last xx days, etc.)

    2) Create a second smart playlist with the parameter: "Playlist is $$$" where $$$ is the name of the playlist you just made in step 1.

    3) Sync the second playlist to your iphone, and although it may not will still populate with songs that have a 0 rating.

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    Yes, that also worked for me. Unchecking the Live update on the smartplaylist.

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