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    My 14 year old is visually impaired and uses the iPad for reading in school.  After upgrading to iOS 7, many of the applications are now to difficult to read.  I did make changes in "accessibility" for larger type and "contrast"; however, this doesn't help much.


    There was more definition and friendly contract in the previous iOS version.


    My child now has difficulty using the calendar and notes apps, which is needed for school.  He also uses iBooks to read book assignments, which also has less definition similar to the older e-readers.


    When I purchased the iPad for my son, it has helped put him on a level learning ground with his peers for educational purposes.  Now I fear the iOS 7 upgrade has put his education at risk.

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    I wonder if it would be posible to get Apple to let a group of visually impared, aging eyes etc... people beta test such things.


    Even take the people who replied to this post as a small cross section of users who have issues with iOS7.


    How do you contact Apple about somehting like this, short of the feedback link posted earlier?  People really love and want use Apple products, but "breaking" a device with an OS revision that was working Ok before seems wrong, or just careless.


    I know they only had so much time before the release date, but they should have tested til lthey got it just right. Imagine what may have hapened if they released the original iOS with these kinds of problems.  I know i wouldn't be using ANY iOS device right now....

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    Thank you for posting the Feedback link. I'm ready to dump my iPhone as it's now unusable. I can't see the screen.

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    I still hate the interface, but I found one way to make it slightly easier to read the opening screens. I used my iPhone to take a picture of black - just found something totally black that didn't reflect when I snapped the picture. Then I went to settings and made that photo of black my background. At least now the white font shows up better, but it is still too small and hard to read.

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    Below is what I sent to Apple and to my school district.  You might want to do something similar.


    Because of the numerous problems that I have experienced and read about on the Apple Support Vision forum,  I recommend our school system stop the purchase of iPads at this time.  IOS 7 has greatly diminished their usability for low vision students and faculty,  I hope that Apple will take immediate steps to quickly correct mistakes and make the iPad even better than it was in IOS 6.  I would then recommend the resumption of purchases.



    Please see the Apple Support Vision forum for details."

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    How did you downgrade back to IOS 6?     I cant see anything and the Apps are useless due to thin font and white backgrounds.

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    I did a google search for down grade from ios7 to iOS6. Instructions are out there. I dont want to post any links in case it may cause problems with your or anyone's device. I don't want the liability.

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    I, too, am horrified and disappointed by this so-called upgrade. I'm a normal sighted person who has to use glasses for reading. Up until now I could often use both my iPhone  4s and two iPads without glasses. Now I'm stuck. I can barely see much of the iPhone screen, even with glasses. And I, too have toe adult sons with serious vision problems. After seeing my phone they both decided to not only upgrade the system on their phones, they also declined the opportunity to get double the memory (from 16g to 32g) for free with Verizon's trade in program.


    I'm constructing a list of concerns which I will be sending to Apple.


    In the meantime, suggestion regarding iBooks - I have for some time been using the night vision setting with larger fonts in iBooks. It's easier on the eyes and also makes it easier to go to sleep. I just checked it out in iOS 7. It still looks good,most give that a try.


    This whole mess makes me sad. I so miss Steve Jobs. 

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    I meant they decided to NOT upgrade! Their phones.

  • tasa Level 1 (50 points)

    Yes, I have done something similar. I have the Art Studio app, which I used to create a black screen. Big improvement as a backdrop for the new icons. I just opened a new document and used the fill function to create an all black canvas, then exported it to the camera roll. Unfortunately, if you want to use a different color, it also changes the color of the folder icons for the apps (when you create a folder from combining several apps in one subject folder). It takes some fiddling. Virtually all of the Apple-provided backgrounds render the regular icons almost unreadable!

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    5card and mixbus - Apple is no longer "signing" the old iOS, which means you can't install the previous operating system now.  I'm sorry. 

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    I have already downgraded my phone right after I realized it iOS7 wouldn't work for me. Glad I did when I did!


    I sure hope they address the visibility issue soon.

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    My mother is visually impaired with RP. I bought her an iPad last Christmas and she absolutely loved it. She could actually see things on it and enjoyed surfing her cooking websites and reading recipes. I "helpfully" upgraded her software last weekend and now it is completely unusable for her. She can't see a thing! Even I can't see very well on it and I don't have RP. I'm so sorry I did this to her iPad.


    I called my local Apple store to ask how to downgrade to iOS 6.1.3 and was told that I can't! I explained that my mother is visually impaired and can't see anything and all he could offer was to invert colors which messes everything else up. I am so frustrated! Looks like I will have to buy her a new tablet that is not an Apple product. I hope that fix this soon.

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    I don't remember how I went from green to blue text bubbles... I can't figure it out. I will google it again because I want to change my son's iPhone too. But, it it still annoying because the blue bubble has white font. I'm snowblind after using my phone all day. I'm not happy.

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    I found it... give it a try.


    General, Accessibility, Increase Contrast


    also do General Accessibilty, Larger Type