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    Go to and it gives some good tips. Makes it a littel better but I still need my reading glasses

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    The new update is so awful.  I have had four eye surgeries and this update hurts them.  I have done what I can with size of print but white on light colors is the worst.  Need to check with sight impaired people if you are to remain user friendly.

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    I agree, both my daughter and myself Are visually impaired, and have found it extremely on user-friendly with the new iOS 7 update.  I originally bought the iPhone because it was easier on my eyes, as well as the iPad for my visually impaired daughter. I find the new update horrible. I can't see the screen, even when trying to change the contrast. If Apple doesn't make some changes to this new software, I'll be looking for another phone and tablet for both myself and my daughter.

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    I am ready to go to a Samsung on my next smartphone.  I wrote a comment to Apple on the IOS7 upgrade and got back an unprofessional response.  I said I hated the upgrade for its fonts, colors, etc. and asked how do I go back to IOS 6.1.


    This reminds me of Microsoft where every new Operating System changes all the things we got used to.  Why the heck can't those geeks who work on the new systems just improve what we already have and not change everything for the sake of change.

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    Me too. If I can't go back to black fonts, all of my apple devices are useless. I found out today when we were in our truck with both my iphone 5 and my ipad mini. Couldn't read a thing even by stacking up reading glasses. And that is why I have them... for traveling and shopping. But this new IOS makes them only useful in dim rooms at home where I primarily use my computer or laptop. In some ways I am so very disappointed by the actual disregard for those of us who aren't visually impaired... I hope they fix it soon or I am selling mine and getting something I can see in daylight. This operating system font problem limits the value severely and makes the cost of owning one ridiculous..


    Its fine sitting at home. I changed the wallpaper and it helped there. I also enlarged the font. But white on pale blue is really bad.

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    Meanwhile, my son just told me there is another update... to fix some bugs and add some kind of keyboard. They can make the changes if they want to. Hopefullly they will see this thread. And I hope they care.

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    As well as a visual impairment. I'm also totally colour blind and a lot of the content since ios7 update, is invisible to me. Feeling really cheated as I'm locked into a phone I can barely use. Hope Apple take notice of everyone's comments I

    Or they are going to lose committed Apple users to Samsung.

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    I can understand that Apple wants to do something new even so the original keyboard 3D bottons were perfect. What surprises me is that Apple goes from an optimal system to a flat, inferior system only for the "new look". Before IOS7 came out I was thinking about upgrading to iphone 5S. Now, I will first see if Apple gives people the choice between the old and the new keyboard and a choice between the old better visual layout and the new one. And that is a easy one for Apple to fix, not a new design really, just giving users that see less well the opportunity to select what works for them.


    And if nothing happens, well I will go shopping to see what other smart phone I might like.

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    At least I am not the only person who is having problems with the new iOS. It is worst for visually impaired people. I have a hard time using it now. Before with the older iOS I could use the iPad wi few problems, now I am having so many problems just using the simplest of functions on the iPad. Apple needs to do something to address this problem. After a year of using the iPad, I can no longer use it because of the lack of thought on apple's part. They need to realize that the new streamlined iOS does not help visually impaired people it hinders them.

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    Make sure you voice your displeasure through feedback (note-there isn't feedback for ios 7 itself, you have to complain by choosing your device and complaining about ios there).  Personally, I'm getting sick and tired of people telling us to turn on the visual accessibility options.  Duh, many of us have had Apple devices for years and we already know to do that.  They don't seem to realize that even with all the options on (large font, dynamic font, contrast, etc.) it isn't enough.  People with visual difficulties need thick and/or large font and good contrast-grey on white, yellow on blue, etc. does't cut it.

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    Same problem; no solutions.  Also no one at Apple seems to care.  Seriously looking at new Kindle instead of upgrading iPad.  Good luck

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    Also no one at Apple seems to care.

    Yep, I am astonished that nobody at Apple has yet stood up and acknowledged that there is a problem with OS7. Their apparent head-in-the-sand denial of any issues has persuaded me to sell all my Apple shares. They need to allow users to downgrade back to OS6 until all the issues are resolved.

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    Apple seems to have taken the simplicity thing to the extreme.  I believe that the top stylists would like everyone the same and to think and see as they do.  View this Apple video for their take.


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    7.0.3 has functionally disabled the calendar app for me.

    It's so elegant that I really am unable to read it. It's akin to making  a pilot's emergency checklists using  an Old English font.


    Is there a fix on the horizon? Can I downgrade so I can read my schedules? Anybody know how I can do that?


    What ever happened to "Function over form?"