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Is there any way to change the font to black in iOS 7.  I have difficulty seeing the words. The keyboard is also hard to see - even with my glasses!  I have both ipad and a 4s phone.  When my phone rang the first time after install I had no idea what button to select to answer because I couldn't see the words! (Received) text bubbles are impossible to see in sunlight due to white font.  I've increased font size and emboldened (in accessibility) but that didn't affect keyboard or color.  Should I just revert to previous iOS?

  • Helaine24 Level 1 (0 points)

    I read somewhere else that you cannot change the font colors in the text. It really hurts my eyes to read it. I hope they can make a change. Can we go back to the old IOS?

  • buckeye1953 Level 1 (5 points)

    I agree!!!  This font is impossible!


    I received a phone call in the middle of the night, but after two rings it stopped.  I recognized my sister's ringtone, so I bolted out of bed to answer it. She is in a serious situation, so I was worried that it may have been an emergency.  Even with glasses on, I could not see the text box in which to type a text.  I could not see the letters on the keyboard.  Mind you, I already turned the contrast up, increased the text size, and made it bold. 


    It took five minutes to compose a simple "You called?  Are you okay?" text to my sister.  I thought this new iOS 7 was supposed to AID functionality and usability.  For me, my iPhone has now become a brick. 


    Here's the weird thing - I don't even need glasses to drive or get around in life.  I have prescription glasses for reading only.  Even so, I cannot see this new iOS font. 

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    I use reading glasses every now and then but now I really need to use them!! Annoying!!! The font is just too bright. You can turn the texting to a grey and blue which is better then the green but what I text is still a white font. What a friend texts to you is black font. A little easier on the eys but not great. I just discovered you can invert the colors. Go to settings, general, accesibility, invert colors and also do bold text and you can also turn increase contrast off. The invert colors makes it black but easier on eyes.

  • buckeye1953 Level 1 (5 points)

    How do you turn it to grey and blue?


    If you invert the colors, it inverts EVERYTHING.  It does help immensely with reading, but take  look at your photos or surf a website.  Impossible!

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    Yes, you can invert the colors but it screws up your pictures...I tried!!

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    Unfortunately, it appears you have done everything you can to make it easier to read.  As someone else said, you can invert contrast, but it messes everything else up-you have to keep toggling on and off, which is very annoying.  The previous update for iTunes had the same problem.  Either not enough people complained to Apple (which I did) or they ignored the issue.  Steve Jobs would be rolling over in his grave if he could see poorly the software portion of the company is being run.  I haven't updated to ios 7 (and don't plan on it until this issue is fixed or I absolutely have to) because I read several articles by visually impaired people who had noted this issue and said ios 7 in general is a downgrade when it comes to accessibility for those with visual problems.  I already struggle with iTunes-I'm not going to struggle with everything on my ipad!  And I do intend to complain to Apple again on their feedback page.

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    I am visually impaired and can get around pretty well in iOS6. I almost fell over when I saw how illegible the fonts are in iOS7. All of the glitzy articles, screen shots, and demos never really showed how bad and illegible the fonts were. They were always clear and bright. Not what they are on the actual device.  The design is beautiful, but the function *****.


    I was freaking out trying every setting I could, and searching on line what I could do. I finally found out how to downgrade my phone back to iOS6. Just the horrible keyboard was enough to make me run screaming. I couldn't make out ANY of the letters! Bold & contrast settings  - didn't matter.


    iOS 7 made my device unusable. They have to make the change to something more legible. It seems like they never had a group of beta testers that has accessibility issues let alone an aging population. I have had a few relatives with good vision say it is really hard to read.


    I'd be happy to beta test for them. But unit they they make changes to the legibility of the whole system font, I will unfortunately have to stay with iOS6...


    I know it is early in the design, and I can see where they are going with this and it will be great, but to leave a LOT of users scrambling to just get around their devices, visually impaired or not, is a real disappointment. I am an Apple fan, and I really feel let down.


    I hope there is an update SOON!

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    I perforce HAD to update to IOS7 because several of my apps apparently already had and wouldn't work until I did.  I am just dumbstruck.  I'm also visually impaired.  I can't read my calendar at all because the text is grayed out.  After pumping up the text size in the Accessibility option as much as possible AND turning on bold text, I can now read my notes -- barely.  WHY WHY WHY did Apple take away our capability to change fonts and make the calendar so impossible to read?  This seems like they're just thumbing their nose at the visually impaired.  I don't care about the retro-ish "new look," but did Apple have to take away functionality???


    Oh, by the way -- there doesn't seem to be anywhere on their feedback page to comment on IOS7.  Strange coincidence, huh?

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    I'm not visually imparied other than by normal aging.   I like many of the new features in iOS7 but really HATE the visual appearance of just about everything including the zooming which doesn't really slow down that much with the adjustment.  It's very hard on my eyes whereas the old visuals weren't.  None of the adjustments help.  I knew there would be changes but never imagined anything as bad as this cheap looking and hard to read visual interface. 

  • mixbus Level 1 (0 points)

    That's the thing. They went with design over function. Apple hs been good in the past with having accessibility options for people with different kinds of needs. Now wih the people in charge of those departments, artistic design seems to have replaced functionality. at lest give us the option to make the device useable!


    I need a new iPad soon, but I am now reluctant to upgrade because of the visibility issue with os7.


    Again, I hope they address this issue, otherwise I'll have to stay on my old devices and os as long as possible.

  • buckeye1953 Level 1 (5 points)

    I sent Apple my feedback on this page:


    If you send them feedback, be specific about the problem you are having (font too light, not enough contrast - whatever) so that they can understand what our problems are.

  • mixbus Level 1 (0 points)

    I did find that link yesterday, and made mention of the issues I am having with ios7. You just never know if the comments will ever get read, let alone anything be done about it.

  • Helaine24 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just hope they can fix the problem. We need to just have options. color of keyboard, font color in texting, texting color bubbles. I don't have any visual problems besides over 40 glasses but my son has RP and I am in contact with lots of visually impaired folks and this new update is not working at all. I will go to the above link and give Apple feedback. I hope it helps.

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    I complained  through feedback as well.  I even suggested allowing a choice for new view or classic view.  Is it me, or has every change in software since Steve Jobs died been less visually impaired friendly?  Apple should really beta test software with people of varying disabilities before releasing it.  It is quite apparant that ios 7 was NOT tested by someone visually impaired.  Or even someone with aging eyes.  Good contrast is usually necessary to be able to read print for many people, not just those who are visually impaired.  Why can ebook readers allow choices for font styles, sizes and theme (basically contrast themes-white on black, black on white, etc.) and ios 7 can't?  At least for basic stuff like email, web surfing, etc.  On another note, if I'm not updating to ios 7, do I still need to update itunes?

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