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I would like to update my iPhone to iOS 7 so I have attempted to do so for 3 hours now, and at about halfway through the 1+ GB download it times out... which returns my downloaded data to zero, so I have to start over. Since iTunes won't resume the download, and starts over from scratch every time, I've downloaded the equivalent of 3 to 4 GB by now... but with nothing to show for it.


Since iTunes can't seem to maintain a stable connection or resume a download, I would like to download the package manually or something of that nature... but of course I see no option for that.


I don't understand what the issue is, Yes sometimes my connection goes up and down in speed because I share it, but I can download anything without much issue in other circumstances.


iPhone 4S with iOS 6.1.3

iMac with OS X 10.8.5

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    Tried yet again, for the 8th time and I made it to 700+ MB before I got the following error (which I include below since I didn't in my original post)


    stopped (err = -3259)


    Show me where I can download the update via a regular browser, then I will gladly hand it off to iTunes to do the installing and verifying. It's just not handling the downloading part very well at all.

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    I appreciate the article, however it doesn't address the error in question, and besides which I have done everything listed there and more, and the problem remains.

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    i am havin the same problem.....i am downloading the update through the latest version of itunes....and at the midway...it says that CONNECTION TIMED OUT .....pls help....

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    mdeepanshu wrote:


    ... it says that CONNECTION TIMED OUT ...


    Check your security software: Note: Most restore issues are caused by out-of-date or incorrectly configured security software, firewalls, and network router settings or firmware.

    • Isolate the issue to third-party software.
    • Update security software.
    • Properly configure your security software.
    • Temporarily disable or uninstall your security software.


    From the link I posted above.

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    I had to try 6 more times but I finally got the entire data package.


    As I said earlier, I did all the things in the article before I even knew of it. The download would randomly time out, and since iTunes doesn't keep the data and resume I wasted something like 6 GB of data downloaded, over 14 failed attempts. Everyone in Canada has data caps via their ISP's (unless they pay absurd amounts of money on their data) so data wasted means money flushed down the toilet.


    I have been a Mac user since the late 80's, and I am very pleased with my iPhone but this nonsense is absurd. Apple either has to give iTunes the ability to resume a data package upon time-out, or allow me to download the package via a browser that can do the same thing.


    I have no clue why the time-outs happened, all I know is that they did.

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    I have exactly the same problem ! Its strange that i get the same error while i want to update macbook softwares using App Store. And it ***** that neither itunes nor App Stor can resume the crashed download.

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    I live in Tanzania and recently bought a iPhone 4S at an authorized Apple store.  I too can't update the phone and it's driving my crazy; I have now tried non-stop for 3 days and the stupid thing keeps having to start over from scratch.  If I knew how, I'd gladdly just use wget -c and get the darned update without iTunes messing things up.

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    In the mean time, I've found this site where you can download the files manually and then just place them (in Mac) "~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates/" then re-run iTunes and it'll install it.



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    I too had this issue recently, however, I read the instructions outlined here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1808 and my iPad restored like a charm. I was plugging my turned on iPad into my computer and it failed the download everytime.


    The key is to:

    1. Power off your iPad

    2. Plug USB chord into your computer BEFORE turning on iPad

    3. Plug in USB to your iPad (still turned off) while holding down the Home Button

    4. Let go of the Home when you see the 'Connect to iTunes' message.

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    For some reason I just tried this. I hope in 8 minutes my download completes successfully this time and my phone isn't stuck in restore mode...

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    Im having the same problem while trying to recover and download the IOS 8 for my ipad mini, did all the steps that different pages recommended but the error 3295 keeps happening