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Hi there,


I have updated my iphone 4 to ios7 using itunes. A greetings screen appeared asking me to sledge in order to set up. I followed the instructions setting up language, location, wifi and then chose to restore from itunes back up. The process has run without interruptions for about 40 min and after it has finished the phone has restarted. When it switched back on I was welcomed by the same set up screen as before asking me to set up location, language etc including choosing a restore option!! I have done this a number of times in the last 24 hours but after each restore from itunes the same screen appears!! (I have restarted my PC, switch the iphone on and off by holding one button as well as both buttons at the same time). The same problem persists and I just cannot get past that to access to home screen!! I am not choosing a notion to set it up as new iphone as I am worried that I will loose all my SMS, contacts and photos.

I would be very grateful to hear from people who have a solution to this problem. Many thanks in advance!

iPhone 4, iOS 7