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i get that apple is exclusive and all but do they have to limit the update to certain devices. i just got my i pod 4 maybe 11 months ago which isn't that long then the ios 7 is dropped do they have to leave the people out who really want the update. does apple not know they can loose customers that way by leaving them out like that, i'm not telling anybody what to do i'm just saying why not reward those who support you with a compatible update for all models old and new that's all i'm saying. i hope this letter reaches an affiliate of apple products and with the strongest regards thank you.

iPod touch, iOS 6.1.3
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    I highly doubt that Apple wil lose customers.  They continue to increase sales.


    The 4th gen ipod came out 3 years ago.  It has had two major software updates - ios 5 and ios 6.


    Just because you got yours a year ago, does not mean that the 4th gen is only a year old - it is a three year old model.


    Yor ipod still does everything it did when you got it and does more than it did when it came out.


    This is nothing odd or unusual at all for any software driven product.


    The 4th gen ipod simply does not have enough RAM to handle IOS 7.

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    i know its just that apple has awsome and reliable customers who have old models of old products they cant forget about the little people.

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    They have forgotten no one.


    They have provided updates for the ipod touch for the past three years -  that is a long time in technology terms.


    The 4th gen ipod has been much improved with two major updates.  how many updates would make you happy?


    The fact is that the ipod touch 4th gen simply cannot handle ios 7.  Would you prefer that they dumb down the updates so that a three year old device can run it?  Would that be fair to those who paid for the most recent models?

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    ha ha idk i guess it isnt that serious when you think about it. would you get the samsung galaxy though