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  • rccharles Level 6 Level 6
    Classic Mac OS

    I read somewhere that you could block certain apple web sites to prevent the upgrade. 


    I cannot find the list of site?  Does anyone remember?


    What about side effects.  Can you still download apps?



  • AndyBeaver Level 1 Level 1

    This address could change obviously, but it has been working for us so far.


  • cogrady84 Level 1 Level 1

    So if we block the updates, how do I roll back my iOS 7.0 devices to 6.1.3 and Apple Configurator back to 1.2.1?


    I tried the IPSW and it refused to work.

  • cogrady84 Level 1 Level 1

    I managed to get multiple ipads/ipods to restore a backup by first restoring an old backup, then restoring the latest one, bit of a pain, but it works for multiple devices, instead of only restoring to one. You still have to manually connect to wifi and complete the last 2 steps of initial config on each device though... :|

  • Utica iPad Admin Level 1 Level 1

    Can anyone recomend a good podcast about iOS deployment that covers issues like this?  I do not have time to read these forums everyday and having a podcast I can listen to in the morning that will alert iOS administrators to these issues before they happen would be wonderfull. 

  • indie1982 Level 1 Level 1

    The enterprise tech I've been dealing with got back in touch with me. He's replicated the issue (Restored backups still have to go through Initial Setup) and has confirmed Apple are aware of it.


    Just have to wait and see what happens now! In the meantime, restarting your devices after a restore will push them past the Initial Setup screens and straight to the Home screen.

  • Stryker412 Level 1 Level 1

    I have Configurator 1.2.1 but it doesn't help. As soon as you go to check in with Apple it denies 6.1.3 even with the official IPSW. Right now I have three carts, all are at iOS 6.1.3. but only 1 1/2 are supervised. I think it's annoying you can specify for the iPads NOT to upgrade but only after they are supervised. I just need to supervise the remaining iPads and I can leave them on iOS 6 for the time being.


    I have tested iOS 7 on an iPad 3 and it was terribly laggy. Granted this was the developer version but from what I'm hearing it still hasn't improved on the production build.


    I wrote to our engineer to see if there's a way to still get them supervised without updating but so far have not heard back.

  • ksantarelli Level 1 Level 1

    I have a brand new cart of iPads (Gen 2 wifi 2012) and when trying to use the Apple configurator, I receive an error I can't seem to pin down.  I've tried to roll back to iOS 6.3 and others (anything other than iOS 7+) and I get an error "This device isn't eligible for the requested build."  I've updated my iTunes, and the Apple configurator is the lastest version.  I won't even touch my other cart of iPads for fear of messing them up too.


    Any suggestions?

  • burgback Level 1 Level 1

    From what I'm reading, there is no going back to 6 once you've gone to iOS7.  The activation server isn't aloowing it.

  • georgecm12 Level 1 Level 1

    We are just getting up and running with Configurator 1.4, and we are experiencing both problems noted in this thread:

    1. Random iPads will fail the restoration with a code 4. This is *not* related with Find My iPad, as we do not have that feature turned on. Our workaround is to unplug the iPad, clear the error, plug it back in, and hope and pray the refresh and restore works properly the second time around.
    2. The following screens from the setup assistant are being presented, even following a restore of a backed-up iPad: Wi-Fi, Location Manager, Siri.


    Additionally, we had an incredible difficulty getting paid apps to be redeemed. After a while, they would just start erroring out when they attempted to redeem the code. Quitting and reopening Configurator whenever that happened seems to have worked around that issue.


    So far, I'm very unimpressed with Configurator 1.4. This is clearly *not* ready for production. We're going to have to deal with it, because we don't have a choice.

  • HCCSC_IPAD_SUPPORT Level 1 Level 1

    That would be correct..Once a unit has been loaded with IOS 7 you are not able to load 6.1.x back on device..:-<

  • igor-spotme Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everyone,


    Did somebody found a solution to not to have WiFi + Locations Services appearing after restoring backup with iTunes or Apple Configurator?

  • indie1982 Level 1 Level 1

    Pretty sure it was fixed in an updated version of Apple Configurator. Check for a software update.


    All my previously Supervised iPads no longer show any of the "Welcome screens" when I restore a backup and there's an option on one of the tabs when you're preparing a device to be supervised to not show any of the "Welcome screens" either.


    Shout if you need a pointer...

  • georgecm12 Level 1 Level 1

    In our environment, simply updating to the newest version wasn't enough. We ended up un-supervising all the devices, re-supervised one, created a new backup of that one, then re-supervised the rest. That seemed to do the trick for us.


    Our other carts that we setup after the newer version of Configurator became available all worked fine right off the bat.


    I would still call Configurator a beta-quality program at best. We'll see iPads randomly decide they don't want to restore... sometimes just one, but usually it's a handful of them. When that happens, we have to jump through a series of hoops to get them working again. We still have major issues with passcode'd iPads failing to restore. And just recently, we somehow ended up with an iPad that is in an activation lock stage because it is tied to one of our student's accounts, and we don't know which. Ugh.

  • rccharles Level 6 Level 6
    Classic Mac OS

    And just recently, we somehow ended up with an iPad that is in an activation lock stage because it is tied to one of our student's accounts, and we don't know which. Ugh.


    Activation lock

    Find My iPad


    I've read if you give apple a call & you can provide documentaion they you own the ipad, apple can free up the loc.



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