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I updated to ios7 yesterday and everything was working fine, no problems for approx 24 hours.


Today while watching video on the Netflix app, the audio stopped working.


Now, this is what I have:


-Ringer does not work when i receive calls

-Notification sounds do not work

-there is no audio with youtube, netflix or video files

-no audio with itunes music

-sound toggle (up and down) do nothing.

-the silent/vibrate toggle above the audio toggles causes phone to vibrate but does not effect this audio problem




In Settings; Sounds:

     -when I use the volume slider for 'ringer and alerts' it plays the tone,

     -when I select a different ringtone, it plays the tone,


     -when I select a different text tone (tweet,mail etc/all others), it vibrates but DOES NOT play the tone



     -audio works for phone calls on both regular and speakerphone settings

     -audio for all apps works when earbuds/headphones are plugged in, through headphones


Troubleshooting attemts so far:

-vibrate toggle attempted, not the issue

-multiple soft and hard resets, no fix

-cleaned charging port, no fix

-cleaned earphone jack, no fix,


This appears to be a software update or app/setting compatibility issue.  I've read other threads that suggest turning off 'airplay'... i cannot find airplay anywhere in the settings or on my iphone.  I am not excited about going through the hassle of restoring my phone, losing music and saved app data.

I find it difficult to impossible to revert back to ios6.x.x and cannot restore my last backup from that version of ios.


My frustration abounds and makes competitor Android devices seem enticing.


Please Apple, help me

iPhone 4S, iOS 7
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    You may want to try resetting all settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

    This won't delete the content from your iPhone. 


    There's also this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1630


    It sounds like you've tried almost all the steps in that article except for the restore of the iPhone.  You might have to try that.  You can try backing up and restoring, but restoring the backup might bring back the problem.  It's worth a shot though before having to erase the whole phone. 

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    Good idea but I've already tried all of them.  Apples as it's a firmware problem.  Then they say it's a hardware problem and I need to swap my device for a new one, which is convenient because if all of the booger eaters waiting in line at the apple store to buy the newly released 5c or 5s. 


    Full restore didn't work.  Meh.   I'm thinking a new Samsung Galaxy.

  • BackgammonThatUp Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)

    You can make a genius bar appointment and avoid the line for people trying to buy iPhones.  http://www.apple.com/retail/geniusbar/

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    All Genius Bar appointments are suspended until next Tuesday and visits will be handled as first come first serve due to the release of the new phones. 

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    dI am unable to hear my callers since installoing ios7l  I have an iphone 5.  I can only hear with a plugged in headset.  whats up?

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    I too have the same issue, I have tried everything suggested except factory reset - which is not an option for me at this time. What is Apple doing to fix the issue?

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    I encountered the same problem lastweek, as much to my surprise after reading all blogs & fixes, here's what i did...


    1. I did a "Restore All" using iTunes directly connected to a pc/desktop, the reformat & reprograming only took 1hour to be exact, unlike wifi update, it took me 5hours & 45mins for total completeion of update iOs7 (which later on had problems due to unstable wifi connection)


    Still the earpiece didn't work, but the phone performs fine now w/o a glitch, flawless...


    2. My last resort before claiming my warranty or having it fixed, i did what others did that made their phone work, believe it or not, neither did i, it yes was a hardware problem, a simple "LOOSE CONTACT" on the earpiece...


    So what i did after vacum & cleanning it up thoroughly, applying controlled great pressure directly on the earpiece like cpr, i toggled my phone w/ great force hitting the sides by hand, much like tapping it on my hand w/ great force while on a call switching from loudspeaker to normal earpiece, until such time in less than 5mins, whala, it worked i heard audio again on the earpiece...


    I've been so careful w/ my unit w/ outmost premium accessories & care, ignoring the fact that sometimes bcoz of the great protection we ignore some minor mishaps like dropping it on the floor from our lap... As simple as that could be the cause... So, if u think at times u might have unconciously dropped it even w/ case on, it may have caused it...


    I hope this helps & also fixes yours... I know what it feels...


    But just incase it doesn't, then yes it's time to claim your warranty...

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    Exactly the same here, to the letter.

    And yes, I gone through on all the motions too, nothing helped.


    Previously (7.0) this problem was limited to only some applications - annoyingly enough Alarm Clock Pro became mute instead of waking me - was one of the reasons I jumped on the update, hoping they'll fix the bug, - wrong idea.


    I'd really appreciate some expert opinion preferably from some Apple tech-guru, besides the above outlined, helpful, but in this case totally useless routine.


    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi all


    I have the exact same problem as GRadamWK, tried suggested fixes but to no avail :-( My 4s has just upgraded to 7.0.3 which I had hoped would sort but apparently not :-(

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    This is absolutely ridiculous but I read a post saying that they just had someone call them and the volume buttons, notifications, music through the speakers and audio in apps came back.  I called my phone and hey presto! Everything is working again!


    I've read several posts about people being told this is hardware, I'm sorry but no way a simple phone call could cause the problem as well as fix it if this was hardware! Apple....time to get this fixed!

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    I have exactly the same problems as GRadamWK, and have tried cleaning the headphone dock. i have tried a reset and a restore. I started the Iphone from new after the restore and had the same problems.


    I have briefly had sound when I have put the Iphone on the music dock I have taking it off then pressing play, the sound only last for seconds and goes off.


    If anyone can help with this matter please do. Luckily Im due and upgrade in just over a month. However id still like to sort this.


    There are a lot of people complaining about the same thing.

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    i have this the same problem with my phone, my phone was like this for about 3 months, yesterday my phone was fix by itself for the whole day. Games, Text Tone & Videos was all working but today it turns out to be mute again. i tried everything to fix this Reset settings, cleaning the earphone jack & charging port "NOTHING WORKS"


    why apple not responding in this kind of problem?.

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    The same thing happened to me. This might sound stupid but the little switch on the side of the phone to make your phone silent or have sound try switching the little switch and see what happens because after i did that my sound worked.