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My library circulates iPad 2 devices to students. In the past we have been able to let people check them out and enter their own apple ID.  When the devices come back, we just erase everything and rebuild from an image in Configurator.  Now (found this in testing) in iOS7, when someone enters their appleID into iCloud on the device, it asks them if they want to turn on location services (for Find My iPad).  If they do this, then we are unable to erase the iPad when it is returned.  It asks us for that student's Apple ID password, which we don't have, of course.


I wanted to make sure that this scenario didn't happen in real life, so I enabled restrictions on the iPad and turned off location services.  Locked it down to not allow changes.  I thought I was set!  Nope.  When someone enters that Apple ID into iCloud, restriction or no, it turns on Find my iPad if they tap 'yes' to the prompt.  It totally bypassed the restriction.


At this point, I'm not actually going to be able to let anyone borrowing these iPads to log into iCloud, unless I can figure out some other way to allow it.  Any thoughts?  Anyone else seeing this?





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