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  • MrsColyer Level 1 Level 1

    I Would like to first of all take back my last comment and say that restoring it and all that crap didn't do a **** thing.... It worked for that day and that's it! The camera is worthless now! It shuts down after taking 2 pictures... And stilll has the black pics when I click on them. This is so ridiculous.... And when you call the apple people they don't help... All I use my phone for is calls texts and especially pics of my kids... I hope they fix this... :-(

  • Billll Level 1 Level 1

    I know this is very frustrating but try to edit the photo even though it shows up black in the camera roll. Hit auto save (which you can always revert later) and it should be ok just for that photo. You will need to do the same for all photos that show black. After the fix you can reverse the auto enhancement.

    As for Apple; it is becoming more like a Droid "want to be" than the leader of the pack. That concerns me far more than the photo snafu (although pics of the kids is super important too).

    I hope this gets your photos back until the Apple folks get this resolved.

  • MrsColyer Level 1 Level 1

    THank you. Yeah that works but it's so tedious and so unnecessary I don't have time to edit each and every pic. But I guess we have to WAIT and see. Thanks again!

  • pastafreak Level 1 Level 1

    Easy fix. Just go to the photo and then select edit then choose a filterat the bottom then undo the filter by selecting the same filter then cancel.

  • GrahamC55 Level 1 Level 1

    Likewise here. Apple 4S, latest iOS7. Any photos taken with a filter just show up as black. Synced to other iOS devices they are also black. If you select "EDIT" it magically shows up on the screen, but there is no way to save it so it shows up again (without possibly removing the applied filter).


    Also I had a whole bunch of regular photos that didn't sync to my regular photo stream and had to manually create a new album in order for them to upload, after which they also showed up in the new "activity" category.

  • bwilliamsdc Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks much for the temporary fix - this has been a problem for me too.  The temp fix brings the photos back from the black death (new feature name?) but unfortunately usually after the black death comes the photo app crashing all the time, so I have to reset.  Makes taking group photos challenging to say the least...    

  • MsDibbs Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for this fix. I am having the exact problem the original poster described. I was not even using any fliters--the photo app just kept crashing or, even if it appeared to work, photos would be black both in camera roll and on other devices in Photo Stream.

    I tried restarting and turning off HDR. That has worked for today, but it's good to now there's another option if the black screen appears again.

  • walph Level 1 Level 1

    Yep. Same problem here. iPhone 4S upgraded to ios7 and now some photo thumbnails are black after using filters. I have also noticed that some photos appear in my photostream with the filter applied, and on my camera roll as the original version? !


    Something seriously wrong with the new camera app.... I'm going to try removing filters on each individual photo, but even if it works, this is clearly not ideal....

  • CTringali Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue for me. Randomly SOME of the images in the camera roll WITH FILTERS are BLACK in the full view (but show just fine in the thumbnail). Jumps back and forth between black and working (without me changing any setting). To get the picture to show up appropriatly in full view, I just have to remove the filter, and then the images show fine. Apple, let's get ios7 fixed!!

  • CTringali Level 1 Level 1

    yes, i have to edit EVERY SINGLE PHOTO. I don't think I'll be using the filters again for quite some time!

  • rcDallas2 Level 1 Level 1

    I had same problem on iphone 4s after upgrade to ios 7.   sort of now resolved after upgrade again to ios 7.0.2.   Now my experience is:

    - pics taken on ios 7.0.2 are OK

    - pics taken on orig ios 7 with a filter on: now show up OK on thumbnail of 'camera roll', (previously showed as black) but if you select them they still turn black.  However, if you edit them & remove the filter they are OK again.   May also be OK if you view same pics on your computer after connecting to iphone.


    - same pics show up as black (permanently ) on photo stream.


    Maybe now resolved by IOS 7.0.2?    Would like to hear other's results after that upgrade.  Apple techchat will work the issue if you go into chat, give your serial# (even if you are out of warranty there is an exception button for 'recent ios 7 upgrade').


    If like me you didn't catch on to what a filter is, look for the 3 balls at the right or bottom of th pic (you have to be in edit mode to see it in Photos).   Then make sure 'None' is selected.   I didn't know what these were after the IOS 7 upgrade so I randomly pressed that button on the camera and had them turned on.

  • Jelley2 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks rogermexico.  Removing the filter worked for me.  Actually I had applied the filter for a particular shot while taking photos several weeks ago, and did not realize it was still on.  I will need to be more aware of filter settings. Still, today I took four photos, 2 which worked fine, and 2 that didn't.  I could see the thumbnail clearly on all four, just couldn't access 2 of the four until I removed the filter.

  • itstommygun Level 1 Level 1

    The temp fix worked for us too. Hopefully Apple can push out a software patch that fixes it. Thanks Billll

  • Nefti Level 1 Level 1

    Hey I was just having the Same Problem And i fixed Mine you cant Have No filter when you have the picture idk why but when you take the picture it should be normal i tested it a few times with the filter and it went back to black screen but i tested normal and i could she the picture with no problem so just edit the picture after and it will show perfect Hope this works for you. It worked for me

  • RossApple Level 1 Level 1

    I've also had this exact problem .. It's really frustrating. But I hope there will be a fix soon .. Also I don't if this is just me but when selecting to check out a certain photo and I select it it shows a different one .. I have a 4S.

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