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    Same problem first I thought I took photos when phone was in pocket. Happens randomly, but most certainly related to filters. Editing and removing filter from edited photo brings it back.

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    Same problem with my ipad2 and iPhone 5. Neither have ios7 yet. No filters on either camera. Any of the fixes I've tried from here have not worked. Can't even do some of them.

  • Percy666 Level 1 (0 points)

    Updated to iOS7. Still the same problems. Even before the update some of the pics now appear as a gray rectangle with JPG in the middle. If I try to edit one of these, everything locks up. Suggested fixes still do nothing. Where is Apple?

    BTW unimpressed with ios7.

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    Re: Some new photos in Camera Roll are all just black, after recent upgrade to iOS 7.

    Sep 22, 2013 7:47 PM (in response to gypsyeyes42)

    Here is a temporary fix. Select the photo>edit>autocorrect>save. Not the best of choices but at this point it is the only way I found to be able to view the photo and send as message.

    This is going to be a mess if Apple doesn't fix it soon."





    Thanks for the fix. It worked and now that I have upgraded to 7.2 I don't seem to be having the problem of black pictures.

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    Sorry, 7.0.3 seems to be the new version on my iphone.

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    This is what I have on my iPad2 before and after updating to iOS7, along with some all black pics. Anybody else?

    And as an aside, I tried to use the 'advanced editor' on my iPad but the tool bar above doesn't show up. I find that at least ironic that an iPad device on an Apple community board doesn't show all the functions.


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    Same problem, unfortunatly. Iphone 4s + IOS 7.0.3 Seems to only happen when I use bust shot in photos. Exact same thing happens on my fiance's Iphone (4S, as well). In both instances applying another filter fixes the issue. But, this means you need to go into every photo and change the filter in order to view it.

    I will say, this is the only issue I have experianced though. Every thing else is great --- no other issues at all!

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    My problem was originally the same. However, I noticed that if I take a photo from the locked screen, it would appear in my camera roll as a proper thumbnail, but would open as a black box in both photo stream and camera roll, but would be fine when hard connected. Then yesterday, I took a handful of photos while hiking but my camera kept crashing when I would open it after taking a single photo. Now the thumbnails have created space in the line up, but are white boxes. (However, they do show on my laptop) This started after the latest iOS 7 update (I have iOS 7.0.3).IMG_2708[1].PNG

    The suggestions to alter the filters have no effect and I'm at a loss as to how to keep using the camera on the phone if I have to keep connecting it to my laptop in order to see the photos I take.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

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    Have the same issue as you - some of my photos were fixed by edit and auto enhance then save. I still have one "naughty" one that i cant fix. Yes driving me mad too.

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    I have the same "black photo" issue since iOS7 upgrade.  Returned from NY vacation and can't share my photos. Where's my fix Apple?

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    Oh wow! I've just posted a question asking this - I used to get a blank, black screen where my photo should be, but now this has changed to white .... I really hope this gets sorted asap. The only way I can resolve photos I've taken is to connect my iPhone to my laptop and upload all my photos this way - when viewed on my laptop all the photos are there...then I add them to my existing PC folders which get added to my photos on iPhone. Other than doing it this way, they're just useless! APPLE, PLEASE SORT THIS OUT!!!!!

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    i had the same problem.. :(

    but i manage to fix it..

    1st go to settings>usage>check available

    if its less than 250mb

    delete some of your apps that you're not using

    reboot twice..

    you'll see there is nothing in your camera roll

    wait around 1hour to let you're phone to restore

    boomm!! there you go..hope this will help :D

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    but mine is ios 6...not sure wherether it will work for ios 7.. :D

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    I have the iPhone 4S and am having the same photo problem as original post after upgrading to iOS 7 except the photos are white  not black.  They are present in the thumbnails, but when opened they are white. I do not use filters, it does not happen to all the photos. I have done a restore but this did not fix the problem. Spoke with three techs at Apple and none of them could offer a fix. Come on Apple, fix this!!

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    Same here. Also white photos. Filter change works but very frustrating!!

    Photo app crashes regularly.

    Apple please help!!!


    iPhone 4S iOS7