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  • Pcvdbroek Level 1 (0 points)

    Same for me. Seems to happen when i open the cam app from the lock screen. Today the cam app also froze while taking photos. I use camera+ now, which does not have these problems. I have iphone 4s.

  • iMichaellorence Level 1 (0 points)

    I also got the same problem just now and my 4S is now on iOS 7.0.4. The photos were all white though instead of black. The only way I recovered the photos was through auto enhancing them. I don't think I want to totally reset my phone again for I had just done it days before. Apple please solve this problem.

  • Luap32 Level 1 (0 points)

    Did anyone mention yet that this seems to be an iPhone 4S problem?

    Or is anyone having these issues on other models?



  • Jayellpi3113 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same problem with my iPhone 4S.  It just started today ... Dec 1, 2013.  My last 10 photos show up ok on the thumbnails, but when I click on one to look at it I see just a white screen.  It happens on the iPad as well with iOS7.

    Not impressed at all.  I have tried everything to fix it but only 1 of the 10 photos was fixed after doing the auto enhance thing and then saving it.  Tried that on the other 9 but it didn't work.  Reset the phone and still not working.

  • Pcvdbroek Level 1 (0 points)

    Does anyone know if Apple reads any of these posts? I get the feeling we are shouting but not being listened to... We have workarounds for this (use other camera app or edit and save the pics), but they are quite a hassle to use. These days the camera is a very important use of smartphones, so I would say that this seriously cripples its usability.

  • Ooh Matron Level 1 (0 points) know what, I have a feeling maybe not. On the last update I was hoping Apple took note and the camera issue was on their list of 'fixes'. Sadly this was not the case. I was viewing a house yesterday and used the camera (stupid me - but in my defence, the camera bug is temperamental, so was hoping it worked this time- but it didn't!). Suffice it to say I agree that the camera in Smartphones is an absolute necessity and if it's not working and fit for purpose then maybe I should jump ship and check out the competition.

  • Jayellpi3113 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a feeling Apple doesn't even look at these because I spoke to the Apple rep yesterday about it and he claims its the first he has heard of it.  Says I am the first person to complain of such a thing.  Obviously they are not going to be fixing it any time soon.  I'm an Apple fan and have lots of Apple hardware, but maybe it is time to start looking at the competition.

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    This is definitely one of the 30+ bugs I have experienced with my iPhone 4S.


    I have long been an iPhone fan. Now I can safely say an iPhone with iOS 7 is as good as a Nokia 3310.


    I can't take pictures.

    The notification center is now 90% less efficient.

    Everything crashes all the time.

    Every time I do something I have to wait for some stupid animations and transition effects to complete.


    iOS 7 is the worst thing to happen to the iPhone and it is infuriating me I can't roll back to iOS 6.

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    Kkostov, if you really don't like the animations and all that stuff, just go to settings>general>accessibility>reduce motion then turn it off. And snap! Just like that. All those crazy, exaggeratedly laggy animations will be out of your way.

  • kkostov Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, actually this will not turn off animations, only some 3D effects and the Parallax effect on the icons.


    To see what I mean - just try to unlock your iPhone. You have to wait forever for the screen to fade in and for the icons to appear. It makes it more alive but still slower.


    And - yes - I know I am getting away from the topic here, but try to decline a call by double-clicking the Lock button.

    In iOS 6 the person would appear in the lock screen as a missed call so you can easily call back.

    Now that's gone. You need to unlock the phone, wait for 50 animations - for the screen to fade in, the icons to appear, click the Phone app, wait for its animation, go to Recent and THEN call back.


    One would think you can easily find that call in the Notification Center - but wow! - You can't actually find anything there!


    I am syncing 6 exchange emails to my iPhone and I cannot figure out why would some emails go to "All" and others go to "Missed".

    And how come "Missed" is not part of "All".

    And why do I have to read freakin 50 lines of text to see what is  the weather today and what alarms do I have set for Today. We used to have pictures for that.


    Bottom line - before you could glance at your phone and do your job.

    Now Apple is forcing you to stare at your phone for longer, click more, spend more time on the screen.

  • iMichaellorence Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah you're definitely right. So many useless changes...

  • daji Level 1 (0 points)

    This is what I have on my ipad mini. Reset does not seem to work. I can see the thumbnails if i go to the YEARS view and in slideshow mode.


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    Yes I started having problems after the upgrade to ios 7....took it in to sprint and they "fixed" it, worked fine for a few days then started doing it again took back in they "fixed" it.  Just took it in on black friday cuz doing it again and they said we gonna get you a new phone, I have the 4s so took 2 wks to get new one cuz was on back order.  I have had it 2 days and doing it again.  I was going to take it back tomorrow but then found this site with all the others having same problems.  I did the edit-auto enhance-save and it brought pic back to the screen to view.  So now I dont know what I should do, if I should take phone back or just deal with doing this with all the pics.  And I also turned "filters" off.  I will see if this fixes prob.  Will post again soon. 

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    I sorted my problem by going to camera, selecting the three coloured circles for camera effects and selecting the None photo, now seems to work

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    I can confirm that, I will try some more later. I just found out now that I too had a filter selected (without being aware of it). I turned of the filter (select None), closed the phone, than opened the camera from lock screen, made some pics, and looked at the pics in photos app. No white pics this time! I went back to lock in screen, turned on a filter and the white pics were back! My camera app even hung at one point. So best stay clear from the filters in camera app and use iPhoto or something for some effects!