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    I just wanted to say, I own (my family owns) an Apple TV, Apple Macbook PRO 2010, Apple Mac desktop 2013, Apple iPad 2, Apple iPhone 4, and finally 2x Apple iPhone 4S's. Check my Apple ID, you'll see that I have all of this crap! After installing iOS 7 on my 4S's one (1) has the WiFi button greyed out (because of that the WiFi won't work and after putting iOS 7 on my iPhone 4 it will no longer sync to iTunes. If these issues are not fixed by this weekend, I will visit the iTunes store and leave them all of my non-working apple equipment. I am fed up with Apple. If my 5 year old doesn't have his iPhone 4 and my wife doesn't have her iPhone 4S, they can't buy apple crap online so it'll save me money.


    I live in Killeen TX and my nearest Apple Store is in Austin. I might be giving away two (2) broken iPhones there Saturday.


    Bottom line is, I know the sync issue with the iPhone is a deliberate software block, because it refuses to charge connected to my MAC (haven't tried a PC yet but will tomorrow) but it charges with the same cable when plugged into a wall.


    I even suspect this WiFi issue is TOTALLY a software purpose driven block intent on getting people to let go of their old devices and spend money with apple to upgrade. Well the problem with that Apple is I want to hand stuff down to my Son and invest in something reliable. When people get a bad taste in their mouths about a product, they move on and avoid what reminds them of that taste. If your products are unreliable, customers go to what's reliable. They spend their money elsewhere.


    So long Apple, I won't be buying another one of your products any time soon. You make junk and refuse to support your product.


    Back to PC's and Android devices for me. I hear Samsung's the way to go.


    Glad I bought only TV shows on my Apple TV and only rented the movies. I haven't built up a library. Games are only a dollar each, I can swallow that cost moving to Galaxy. Thanks for making the decision easy for my family!

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    Your upset is understandable, but please don't do anything rash.


    We all still love our Apple products and want to use them.


    What's shocking here is Apple's attitude, almost like it's hiding, trying to figure out how to put the best face on a clear mistake on their part.


    It would seem that pride prevents them from facing up to the situation.


    Are they working on a patch? a workaround?


    Why not come clean about the problem before more people get burned.

    Apple has known about this problem for a week.

    Today I contacted David Pogue of the New York Times to alert him to the syncing problem and the incorrect information posted on Apple's website.

    He said he would pass it on.

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    It's a sad day indeed when Apple devices don't work with Apple computers.


    Even Microsoft-- MICROSOFT!!-- doesn't screw up like this.


    Apple died when Jobs died, apparently.

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    I think this failure does reveal something about Apple post-Jobs.



    The information posted here:



    Picture 9.png


    results in this



    Picture 6.png



    iOS 7 clearly wants iTunes 11


    How long will it take for that to register with Apple?

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    I too am unable to sync to my iTunes now that I just upgraded my iPhone to iOS 7. I cannot get the latest iTunes 11 because my PowerMac G5 running OSX 10.5.8 will not support it. My phone and syncing worked perfectly fine until this upgrade to iOS 7. Now what am I supposed to do? I am not about to get a new computer just to sync my iPhone. I may just get a different phone if this is going to be how Apple treats their customers.

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    Are you kidding me?  Do you really believe this was an innocent mistake on their part?  They have been orphaning products for years so they can drive people to purchase new products.  The company is shameless in this strategy and I cannot believe that they don't see the eventual outcome.  Look how many people in this thread have had it with their treatment of loyal customers.  Eventually all these upset users will convince others to avoid Apple and they will suffer their own arrogance.  No mistakes here.  It's working just as they planned.

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    All due respect. Apple and you are the only ones that seems to feel that my G5 is obsolete. If I felt that way I would not be using it. This problem is unacceptable, insulting, and quite frankly no way to treat loyal customers that have been using Apple product since the Apple IIe. In other words this treatment is ********!


    Marten Benatar

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    Marten Benatar wrote:



    All due respect. Apple and you are the only ones that seems to feel that my G5 is obsolete. If I felt that way I would not be using it. This problem is unacceptable, insulting, and quite frankly no way to treat loyal customers that have been using Apple product since the Apple IIe. In other words this treatment is ********!


    Marten Benatar

    Marten, all the PPC Macs, G4s and G5s, are obsolete in terms of not being upgradeable in any way and, because they do not run on Intel chips (which Apple moved to way back in 2006) they cannot run software that requires an Intel processor, and that includes linking to the latest iPads, iPhones etc.


    But in terms of use they are no more 'obsolete' than an older car - they continue to do what we originally purchased them to do. Look at my signature: what am I running?

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    Ok, so this issue comes up each time when there is a new iOS upgrade. My advice: don't rush upgrading, especially if your computer is more than 5 years old. Technology is cutting edge, and for many technical and strategic reasons can't or won't support older systems.


    Simple question: why do you expect your iPhone to be on the latest iOS7, and have a computer that uses 4 generations older OSX? Logic says upgrade all devices to the latest system, or make a lot of research before upgrading anything if you chose disparity.

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    Reasonable point, but ...


    Personally, I didn't choose "disparity".

    I chose to buy a device that Apple said would work for me.


    And I did my research, and relied on the information posted by Apple - Apple said the system would sync - Apple said so IN PRINT.


    Now it's Apple that's scrambling behind the scenes to see if they can make the iOS work as promised.

    I doubt that they can.

    And while they're working on it should they not alert customers to the problem ASAP?

  • a brody Level 9 (65,743 points)

    Here's a possibility, which I wonder if anyone can check:


    1. Download the oldest iOS supposedly supported by your iDevice based on its vintage, and see if it will overwrite the newer iOS.


    2. Connect up the operating system that supported that device initially.


    If that works, then people buying older iDevices in the stores can still use older machines that could hook up with them.  Otherwise, people buying these older iDevices must find a way to get the device without a more current iOS loaded.

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    Yes but an older car can still drive all the roads.  It isn't all of sudden prohibited from certain roads simply because of it's age.  There is no defense for Apple's disregard for loyal customers who have paid top dollar prices for their products rather than take the less expensive route which now looks like a bad decision.

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    Yes, and your older computer still works as well as when you bought it. It is hardly Apple's fault that you (we) have not bothered to update our hardware.

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    I am happy to update my HW when it calls for it.  If Apple makes a good product which we pay dearly for why shouldn't they show some loyalty to their customers by supporting for more than 5 years?

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