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    You might be the most arrogant and ignorant person on the internet.  How could you possibly "know" anything about other peoples reactions.  You are not a god.  You have a limited experience and are simply incappable of knowing anything about how other people are affected by this.


    I got motion sickeness from ios7 within a few seconds of using.  I've been an iPhone user since 2008 with no issues.  Its laughable that you think I'm lying and making this up.  For what purpose?

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,028 points)

    If that is true you should see a doctor immediately. That is not a normal reaction; it indicates a potentially serious medical condition.

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    Lawrence Finch wrote:


    If that is true you should see a doctor immediately. That is not a normal reaction; it indicates a potentially serious medical condition.


    This does seem to affect 5-10% of "normal" people, in the same way some people can't play 3D video games without getting a headache.


    It is not necessarily a serious medical condition, as you imply.  Just because you have 19,585 points on an Apple forum does not make you a medical doctor.


    I am a healthy and active adult with no other ailments.  No phone has ever caused me any problems whatsoever until IOS 7.

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    That's just rude.  And unprofessional.  And I'm not sure why the fact that you are a helper to someone who specializes in medical lung conditions makes you an authority of any kind on issues of motion sickness/simulated 3D issues.

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    It's so funny.... I don't ever get motion sickness, but the iOS7 makes me nauseous and gives me a headache.... so weird!

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    Or... he/she can just use a different smartphone. 

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    HollidayBecca wrote:


    Or... he/she can just use a different smartphone. 


    If apple does give the option to turn that nonsene off, I think many will do that.

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    I complained as I am running an old i phone 4. There is no option to reduce the motion picture with a phone this old... Apple will not advise ! As for complainning... I did that... To no avail.!! Does anyone know what are the third party options ?

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    My iphone screen doesnt work at all should i get it repaired ?

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    I wrote and express my views about how ugly ios7 is, but moderators keep on deleting them. This is not fair, as these are critics to make apple create more innovative products, and not kiddy interface design.


    I've also wrote feedbacks to apple -


    Not sure if they just laugh at it and ignore...but lets all give it a try.

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    Personally, the iOS7 effects do not bother me at all as

    far as "motion sickness" phenomenon goes.  Yeah, it

    is cool for those who like it.  However, I would just like

    to turn animations off because it simply does not do

    anything for me.  I don't dislike it, but I just don't want it.

    On PC and Macs typically turn off as much of that stuff

    as is possible for the same reason, I just plain don't need


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    The 'Reduce Motion' setting only disabled the parallax effect, it does not change the animations when opening/closing a folder or app. The zoom animation is what many people have reported as causing their motion sickness / vertigo / nausea. Some theories are that the animation coming from different locations, based on the position of the item clicked is the main cause. iOS6 (and earlier) had a similar effect, however the zoom came from the center of the screen. Others think it may be due to the speed/slowness of the effect vs previous versions of iOS. I don't know what the main cause is, however I do know that my wife is basically unable to use her iPhone without getting sick since I upgraded it to iOS 7. It's a shame, since she likes the colors and many of the other changes in iOS 7.


    As far as the OP is concerned, as many others have pointed out there are a few things you can do. You can provide Feedback to Apple via . You can send an email to and provide more feedback or use one of the other contacts (i.e. iPhone support) listed here: . If you have access to it (it may be developers only), you could also submit a bug report at .


    The main thing is to be courteous to the people you deal with as they aren't the people that can really make any change for you. They can just pass along the feedback and other information. The more people that provide feedback, the better and the more likely there is to be a fix/change to the issue. Some people have taken to making grandiose claims, being threatening, or just rude. Those kind of actions really won't get you anywhere.


    Also, there is a larger / longer discussion on this issue here:

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,028 points)

    This is a User to User technical support forum, not a blog, and not a way to get Apple's attention. Apple staff do not read the messages here, unless one is brought to the moderator's attention by a Level 3 or higher participant. The moderators are Apple employees, but they are administrators, not in engineering, design or marketing. Their sole job is to keep the peace.


    If your messages were deleted it was because they violated the Terms of Use of the forums. The most common reasons are being abusive to individuals, foul language, being completely off-topic, requesting a poll be taken, or threatening legal action. It is not a violation of TOU to criticize an Apple product, which is obvious if you read this thread. If your message is deleted normally you will get an email explaining why.


    If you want Apple's attention, you have 3 primarly routes: The Feedback page, visiting an Apple store, and calling Apple's support number. Apple DOES record issues raised on these 3 options. They do not base decisions on what is posted in the Apple Support Communities, because the results are statistically skewed to people who have problems; a very small minority of the 900 million iDevice users. It's the equivalent of determining the health of the community by only interviewing people in a hospital.

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    Thats so funny. Me too. Never until using the IOS 7 have i had such a problem. I hope this gets sorted soon.

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    People like you are a joke!!  You have no idea how people feel so why don't you keep your opinions to youself!!