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  • ActIII Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, get the new update, it gets rid of the zooming.  It is sweet.

  • TallBearNC Level 1 Level 1

    Ummm Apples ARE PCs now!! Lol! Have you been living under a rock?  No more Motorola CPU (which was the main difference). Intel / nvidia / and now.



    Apple desktops, laptops, servers, are 98% identical now to windows PCs except for the Apple BIOS, casing, and MINOR things.. Oh and the over inflated price is different ;)


    I just boot Win 8 / OSX on my Dell PC. All apple computers can also natively boot OS X and windows. No emulation. Why? It's a PC! It just has an apple case, apple bios, and about 25% more expensive for the apple brand. You can build a PC far cheaper than an Apple, and install OSX, windows, or Linux, etc.


    The days of Apple vs PC are LONG GONE. Have been for years.


    Don't get me wrong. I love my Mac mini. But it's a but dated. Why? I built a 3500$ PC far cheaper than an apple brand (would have cost me 5k via apple and 4k via Dell) and dual boot win/OSX.


    ... But back on track.... disabling motion in 7.0.3 solves the issues. Opening and closing apps will still zoom... But OSX is built that way... And ios is just a mini, modified version of OSX. If zooming bothers anyone, use feedback, or look away. I'm not being insensitive. Just real. Ios 7 made my mom physicall vomit until I turned on reduce motion. That stopped her from puking, but 7.0.3 took 99% of it away from her


    I have no issues with motion in ios7 - LUCKLY.

  • TallBearNC Level 1 Level 1

    Whoops. Darn ipad auto correct. Above should read: Intel / nVidia / AMD now...

  • Keymusic88 Level 1 Level 1

    This case is now closed since the iOS 7.0.3 update allows changing the zoom transition from home screen to app and app to home screen to a fade transition. No more motion sickness. Funny how Apple never made any public statement about this, but they quietly released a fix. Weird.

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