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I have a Windows 7 computer with iTunes. I also have two Apple TV's, one 2nd gen and one 3rd gen. While using iTunes 11.05 and previous verisons both ATV's worked flawlessly with my iTunes library. I have come to enjoy home sharing and have many movies and shows collected in my library that I share with the ATV's.


I upgraded my phones to IOS7 and subsequently upgraded to iTunes 11.1. Once I upgraded to iTunes 11.1, I lost the ability to connect my ATV's to my iTunes library. Interestingly enough, I can see all of the devices from the Airplay icons. On the Windows computer I can see both ATV's when I select the Airplay icon. On the ATV's I can see each ATV when I select AirPlay under the options menu. From the ATV's I can access the Internet just fine and stream content from YouTube, etc.


I have rebooted all of the devices including my router many times in different order with no luck.

I have tried disconnecting the home share and re-connecting it with no luck.

I have reset one ATV to factory default and re-configured to my home share with no luck.

I uninstalled iTunes and all of the supporting apps on my Windows 7 computer and re-installed with no luck.


I went through all of this with an Apple Support representative last night and he ended the call by saying I should wait for ATV update. So until then I guess I have to wait on Apple. I was kind of surprised he did not elevate my issue to another engineer or something.


Any thoughts that can help is appreciated.






PS -


Is Home Sharing enabled in the ATV's? Yes

Are the ATV's and the computer on the same network? Yes

Are all the devices using the same Apple ID? Yes

Have the ATV's, computers, and router been rebooted? Yes

AppleTV 2, Windows 7
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    My company is just about fed up with all this.  We now have no ability to push our presentations to our Apple TV for meetings.  We are just looking at pursuing other avenues.  Our company of about 22000 people is going to see an move to Microsoft in the next few weeks.  Itunes 11.1 and Apple TV (Home Sharing Issues) just not worth it.  Fix it or don't update your systems....

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    I have same issue for itune home share with my Ipad, iphone and apple tv, please fix thanks

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    I'm in a similar boat, and the same as JohnQHE -- I lost streaming functionality from Win 7 iTunes 11.1 to my iPad and iPhone (iOS 7). I also have an ATV but I haven't tested it -- sounds like I should not expect it to work, tho.


    It also sounds like it's not an ATV update, so much as a setting in iTunes 11. If it were isolated to Apple TV, my iPad would work fine. So yes, eagerly awaiting a patch or a workaround; I will continue to test things on this end.

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    I know, I've been trying to get it to work for days, that is just no way, it's def something with itunes 11!!! APPLE, FIX IT PLEASE!!

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    same issue here. Home sharing worked fine unde ios6 but sine upping to ios7 and iTunes to 11.1 I get error messages on both my iphone 5 and ipad3 -"unable to turn on home sharing. " I've rechecked settings- Apple Ids are the same and are correct. I've turned off hpme sharing and turned it back on in itunes. No luck. Any ideas.?

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    Same issue.  I have multiple ATV2 and ATV3 - none could access home sharing after updating to 11.1.


    I've learned my lesson from previous iTunes updates, so I always have a backup of my library.  So I uninstalled 11.1 and deleted every iTunes folder I could find on my drive (important because I didn't do this the first time, and home sharing did not work).  Then I restored my library from backup (iTunes folder), and installed iTunes 11.0.5.  Home sharing works, with:

    ATV3 with updates

    ATV2 with updates

    ATV3 without updates

    ATV2 without updates (not tested yet)


    Yea, so something is wrong with iTunes 11.1 with home sharing.  Hopefully Apple will address.  If not, hopefully they will support 11.1 for a very long time.

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    Ok, so here is what FIXED my problem, on my router configs, there is something called IGMP Proxy, under the advanced tab, once I disabled that, my library poped up on both my iphones and apple tv, I hope that helps somebody else. By the way, my router is the MI424WR from Verizon fios. Good luck guys!!!

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    My fix was similar except it wasn't my router, but rather my Windows Firewall. It seems like 11.1 uses different ports and the firewall didn't register them during the update. For me, I disabled the "Private" profile in the firewall properties and it worked fine. I still would like to know the port numbers or the better fix so I am not leaving my workstation vulnerable.

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    Do you think disabling the windows firewall achieve the same result?  If so, I tried that before when I had 11.1 installed and it did not work.


    Regardless, we shouldn't have to mess with firewall and routers to get home sharing to work

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    I have the Same Problem . I can solved this problem, then i Run iTunes in winXP Mode. I have Win7. Befor itunes 11.1 i Had nö problems. Sorry for my bad english and **** german keyboard.

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    I've had the same issues after the iTunes 11.1 update.  I have updated the software on my iPad, iPhone 5, and Apple TV.  I use the Remote app on my phone and my iTunes library will appear briefly if I turn Home Sharing off and on but then it will vanish again.  I've verified all ports are open in my router, and I've made sure iTunes traffic is allowed through Windows Firewall.

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    Same problem for me.


    I recently bought ATV and have ITunes installed. I have authorised my PC, turned on Home Sharing, have my account entered correctly on the ATV, opened all ports on my firewall and still getting the same "Turn On Home Sharing in iTunes" screen on ATV.


    Glad I'm not the only one!


    Need a fix please.......

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    Found my solution by turning OFF the firewall on my modem and rebooting it. Now it's working for me.

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    These steps help on my configuration while appletv is running and Remote App is running on iPod

    1 . Disable homesharing in Itunes ,

    2. close itunes ,

    3. start itunes

    4. enable homesharing.

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