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I have a Windows 7 computer with iTunes. I also have two Apple TV's, one 2nd gen and one 3rd gen. While using iTunes 11.05 and previous verisons both ATV's worked flawlessly with my iTunes library. I have come to enjoy home sharing and have many movies and shows collected in my library that I share with the ATV's.


I upgraded my phones to IOS7 and subsequently upgraded to iTunes 11.1. Once I upgraded to iTunes 11.1, I lost the ability to connect my ATV's to my iTunes library. Interestingly enough, I can see all of the devices from the Airplay icons. On the Windows computer I can see both ATV's when I select the Airplay icon. On the ATV's I can see each ATV when I select AirPlay under the options menu. From the ATV's I can access the Internet just fine and stream content from YouTube, etc.


I have rebooted all of the devices including my router many times in different order with no luck.

I have tried disconnecting the home share and re-connecting it with no luck.

I have reset one ATV to factory default and re-configured to my home share with no luck.

I uninstalled iTunes and all of the supporting apps on my Windows 7 computer and re-installed with no luck.


I went through all of this with an Apple Support representative last night and he ended the call by saying I should wait for ATV update. So until then I guess I have to wait on Apple. I was kind of surprised he did not elevate my issue to another engineer or something.


Any thoughts that can help is appreciated.






PS -


Is Home Sharing enabled in the ATV's? Yes

Are the ATV's and the computer on the same network? Yes

Are all the devices using the same Apple ID? Yes

Have the ATV's, computers, and router been rebooted? Yes

AppleTV 2, Windows 7
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