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    I have the same issue, fantastic.

    I have done the DFU Mode restore firmware. I have the phone with absolute factory settings and none of my contacts or data whatsoever on there. Its Factory with IOS7 7.0.2.........And it keeps turning off.


    Its very frequent for me, every 20 mins maybe. I have caught a glimpse of the screen just as it shuts off a couple of times and noticed a green screen once, and another time the screen just had artifacts, then quit.


    I need to know if this is IOS7 or if its a hardware issue.


    Anyone get anywhere yet?


    Best Rgards


  • jfaul013 Level 2 Level 2 (245 points)

    I had that issue and considering I was sitting in line for 5 hours to get my 5s I just took it back to my Apple Store and swapped it out for a new gold one and I have yet to have any more issues.  It's not an ideal solution, however considering that it's a 14 day reverse your upgrade with the carriers/return policy for a majority of stores and at the most it's a 30 day return policy it's important that ANY issues you have with the phone be addressed within the return period.  Also keep in mind that Apple offers 1 year complimentary coverage for factory issues on their hardware, so never hesitate to take it over to them and tell them you're having issues so they can hook it up and check.  We paid for Apple products might as well either call them or go in if we have the time and use the customer service!

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    I've been having the same issue.  I noticed it happens most often when I'm using my music player, but it still occurs pretty much at random.


    There is an update that I hope will solve all of the issues. 

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    I mentioned that it is my 4s that is having the problem, but I should include more possible clues. 


    - I've had the 4s for over a year and never had an issue until the IOS 7 upgrade. 

    - I often use it for "offline" mapping with Pocket Earth, so I'll have everything turned off (bluetooth, wifi, even cellular data) so only location services are activated and only one app is being used.  It's shut down both when I'm using it this way and when I'm not.  I mention it, because it points out that having too many apps open is not the cause. 

    - I've tried letting the battery die so I can get a full discharge, but I've never gotten below 18%. 

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    I have a iPhone 5 and have had the same problem since upgrading to ios7. It's happened 5 times and this last time the battery was fully charge to 100%. There is a software problem here and Apple needs reply to this string explaining that they understand there is a problem and they need to issue a fix. I rely on this phone for work and personal and I can't have it shutting down at will.

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    My iPhone 5 has been randomly shutting off ever since I upgraded to iOS 7. I will have the phone in my purse, reach for it and hit the home button and nothing happens, completely black. I hit the power button still nothing. I end up holding down both buttons for 10 seconds and it will restart and work normally for a few hours and then it will do it again. It's happened at least 7 times since I have updated the iOS and it's pretty frustrating especially because I just switched from Droid to the iPhone 5 and I just bought it at the beginning of the month. It's not even a month old! I am hoping updating to iOS 7.0.2 will fix it???

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    I have an iPhone 4S recently upgraded to the IOS7 and it just now (with 100% charge) shut itself off. When I plugged it into the computer to access ITunes, I was told to RESTORE BACK UP.  ***????

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    I have the same and never had this problem until the ios7 upgrade. grrrrrrrr

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    IOS 7 .0 .2 did not fix the problem. Maybe for a couple days but then back to the problem which is shutting down randomly. Sometimes I check on my phone and I find that it is turned off which is not good at all since I could have missed an important call. I put my settings to automatically send diagnostics and usage data to help in this cause. I would advise everyone to back up their phone, who knows the iphone might fail. I think someone said they reset their iPhone and set it up as new and they still have this problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Had this problem on my 4S and ipad3. Have been putting off full reset. Thinking back on this problem I realised that I didn't have this shutting down problem when I first installed ios7. The one thing I did change on both, just before this nightmare, was changing the text to BOLD. (Settings-General-Accesssibility). I turned BOLD off and for the past 36 hours I haven't noticed a shut down on any of my devices. I prefer the bolder text but will wait for Apple fix. Hope this helps fellow frustrated apple users

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    You may have figured it out. I switched my setting to BOLD as well. I don't remember having the problem before the switch to BOLD. I just changed my settings to remove the BOLD option (like you I find the type very difficult to read at times but I would rather my phone not shut down). I'll see if this fixes it. If this is the problem Apple still owes us a fix.

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    There may be several solution, this one did it for me. Turning off the automatic downloads:

    The options are in "iTunes & App Store" and I just switched off all the automatic downloads. It has been over a day, and I haven't had any shutting down issue yet.

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    I'm having the same problem with my iPhone 5.  Has shut down 3 times since installing iOS7 2 weeks ago (one of those after installing 7.02) and never before in a year of usage.


    A couple of posts here say various things have fixed it, but with only a couple of days of data, are you sure?  My phone can work fine for 4-5 days then die. 


    Twice it happened while I was taking video.  To me it looked as if a battery problem because my phone would show the dead battery image (telling you to plug in) when I tried to turn it back on.  But in none of the cases was my battery really low.  Never got the 20% warning or the 10% warning that I would normally get with a low battery.  And then when I did get to a power cord, the level of battery remaining instantly showed a green 30 or 40%. 


    Big thanks to all of you for sharing your stories!  Really hope to see a fix soon.  If mine dies again I'm going to try the the DFU thing posted by Castrophology.

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    I think the problem is Background App Refresh. Turn it off in Settings.general.

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    this has been happening to my 5S since day 1. Usually it powers off when I'm not using it or when I fail the fingerprint login a couple of times. It used to happen once in a while but now it's 3-4 times a day. Very annoying. I'm guessing this is a ios7 thing since it's happening on the iphone 5 too? not a specific to 5S type thing?


    Hopefully another update will fix it. all this rebooting cant be good for my new phone

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