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  • cyber10matt Level 1 Level 1

    i honestly dont understand why we can't downgrade ourselves.... like i know apple doesnt allow downgrading to prevent people from jailbreaking, but theres a jailbreak for the current version of ios 7, so whats the point? ios 6 was more stable, so why torture customers like this with falwed software.....

  • cyber10matt Level 1 Level 1

    and instead of making us all wait for ios 7.1 to possibly fix this shut down issue, would it kill apple to release a 7.0.5 update to fix this issue at least?????

  • chotty1 Level 1 Level 1

    Agreed. My trip to Apple store ws in vain. Restored/ setup as new phone actually made it worse. EATING battery. Restored using the full IPSW 1.3GB installer, locally in iTunes/ MacBook Pro.

    Battery checked out fine at the apple store too. CLEARLY iOS 7.0.4 caused this. Store manager would only offer a swap at full retail, as did ATT - w/ a new 2 yr contract... he basically mumbled a monotone "company line" to me over the phone. Actually hung up on him.

    two choices remain: Hope iOS 7.1 fixes this or move to T-Mobile for their new promo... which would be an easy way to go to a 5S... I like my ATT plan though.

    **This is not a minor issue either. What if it were a life or death situation and you assumed you had 36% battery and it dies??

    Bottom line: If my iPhone 5 is below 50% battery and I take photos, it will shut down. SERIOUS ISSUE, Apple!!

  • thehotrod Level 1 Level 1

    Update: Like I stated earlier.  Network reset.  Restore from backup. Restore as new iPhone. None of it worked.  Called Apple Support.  They did an over-the-air test of my battery.  Said it was perfectly fine.  


    The Fix:

    I ordered a new battery from iFixit.   Now my phone works like a charm.  It goes all the way down to 1% before it shuts off.  I'm happy.  Bummed that I had to fix it with a new battery.  Scary to open my iPhone myself.  But I feel accomplished that I was able to do it.

  • chotty1 Level 1 Level 1

    Cool. I will do the same and report back later in the week.

  • cyber10matt Level 1 Level 1

    one thing i know, one of my friends has a dev account and was having all the same problems as me, random reboots/shutdowns, black screen of death, and even colorful artifact glitches on his screen (some of you might have experienced this glitch too) he said that the 7.1 beta 3 seems to have fixed the screen glitching out issue, but theres still the battery percentage issue and the random shutdowns/reboots. so it sounds like MAYBE apple is finally getting around to fixing this problem. too bad we all have to wait till march.......

  • apkoudakos Level 1 Level 1

    I went to an Apple store to have my battery tested last week and the test failed even if the battery was only 14 months old. They changed the battery and I haven't experienced any unexpected shutdowns since.

    I'm sure that the batteries that Apple has been using are really bad quality and iOS 7.0.4 probably makes the problem worse. If Apple doesn't come up with a solution soon, I may be experiencing the same problems again in a few months.

  • cyber10matt Level 1 Level 1

    way i see it, either they figure out a fix on the software side of things that could solve the problem (most hardware problems with apple tech can usually be fixed with software, one way or another) or they might have to issue a recall. if apple doesnt fix this either with software or a recall on the batteries, they face the risk of a class action lawsuit similar to the lawsuit for faulty liquid indicators in the 4s i believe? the batteries, even under regular use really should last more than 14 months before they crap out.....

  • chotty1 Level 1 Level 1

    Since restoring from a (local) copy of IPSW7-0-4, my iP 5 is still the same. It died on 9% while taking a photo. I did as someone suggested and plugged it in briefly until booted, then ran it down. Tried a photo at 2% and it died. Plugged in again and was able to drain it down to 1% - where it stayed alive a lot longer than I expected and gave it a full overnight charge.

    Genius bar appt at 10am today... I intend to be a "sqweeky wheel" about what 7.0.4 did to my battery. Out of warranty, of course...

  • cyber10matt Level 1 Level 1

    dont get it replaced yet, wait for 7.1 if possible to see if your problem is fixed. my friend got a 5s for christmas and she said her battery craps out at like 10%. its deffinitely software related if its happening to a brand new 5s too

  • Jim395 Level 1 Level 1

    Oh, again...

    Just when I thought a full restore had worked....

    Phone warned me of 20% batt, display however stated 11%...

    Then it just shut down anyway.

    Bloody hopeless....


    Apple, your polished turd has lost its polish,

    You've lost people's respect...just as Samsung are building there's...

    Are you the next blackberry?

    Never forget how fickle us public are..


    Get a grip, your not the best anymore........

  • Dave_K. Level 3 Level 3

    Hey gang-


    Has anyone who was having this problem had it solved by a battery replacement?


    I have two weeks of AppleCare+ remaining on my iPhone 4S as it nears two years old.  And I'm having the same problem as everyone here- take a picture with 50% or less of battery charge and the phone shuts down.


    So, debating making the trek to the Apple Store for possible battery replacement (assuming they decide to do that- big assumption.)   So has a battery replacement fixed this for anyone who was having this Battery/Camera shutdown issue?





  • cyber10matt Level 1 Level 1

    okay so i did a few things and today the phone didnt missbehave at all...... last night i drained it as far as i could before it crapped out and wouldnt turn back on, let it sit like that for the night, in the morning i plugged it in and charged it up, around noon i decided to open the phone up (my warranties been up since october so i didnt care) i disconnected the display connector ribbon and reconnected it, resaaembled the phone and turned it on, been good since it seems. battery issue probably wasnt solved doing this but at least it didnt crash or show screen artifacts or randomly reboot. if you feel like trying this out, go ahead ONLY IF YOUR WARRANTY IS EXPIRED, you got nothing really to lose.... myabe the display connector is getting loose in some people's phones. doesnt solve the battery issue but it does stop the "black screen of death" and the colorful glitch screen



    DO THIS ALL AT YOUR OWN RISK, dont do this if you dont feel comfortable taking apart your phone or if your warranty is still good, be careful

  • Dazman63 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes!  I had the exact same problems here and Apple told me the battery was toast.


    Apple replaced my phone and I have had no issues since.

  • thehotrod Level 1 Level 1

    I replaced my own battery since my iphone 5 was out of warranty. And I'm happy to say my phone works perfectly now.

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