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  • fatedninjabunny Level 1 Level 1

    Not sure. I had a similar issue and had no issues until iOS7 even when I drained my phoen out on the old iOS. With iOS7 i also doubt its the battery as to give one example, my phone had a battery level of 80-90% when it randomly shut down. It wouldn't start up throughout the day. In the evening after 8-9 hours it finally came on - Battery level was still showing 80-90%..... so no suspected drain.

  • ahs70 Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I'm not thinking that the faulty batteries have a lower capacity since this would have been easy to see. At least the capacity of mine is still quite good (after 2.5 years). I think it's more a problem of the battery not being able to support a stable power level at all times.


    What I suspect is that ios7 has spikes of higher power usage, ie. by activating more units with high power demands at once than older ios versions did. The frequent location feature comes to mind which activates the gps unit regularly.


    For the battery this means a high current flow and maybe some sub-quality batteries respond to this with a sharp drop in voltage. Since the os measures the voltage level of the battery to determine it's actual charge, the low level then leads the os to think the battery has run empty and that it has to shut down.


    When the phone is off and there is no more high power demand the battery then recovers and because the charge is still left in the battery it shows the same level after the restart than before.


    Okay, I'm no hardware engineer so this is just a wild guess. But it would explain all the symptoms I am seeing.

  • Maffibaer Level 1 Level 1

    What ahs70 states could be a good explanation to this issue.

    Yesterday I pluged my iPhone in and it immediately shut down. Voltage spikes could be really the reason for it. I will look for some sort of task manager to find unnecessary consumers.

    I'm thinking more of switching brands at the moment. But perhaps the bigger iPhone will be so gorgeous, that I reconsider that.


    Ah: And by the way: I already switched batteries - no real effect on the random reboot thing.

  • jimbabka Level 1 Level 1

    The problems went away when I upgraded to 7.1. The battery drain is a problem now, but at least it will get down to 2% before shutting off.

  • eg2222222 Level 1 Level 1


          well, $280 later i have a new iphone from the apple store.  strike one apple.

    you got two more.  The girl from the apple store who helped me was very nice, and it didn't take long.  But she still blamed it on the battery alone and said that it must have been coincidence that right after i upgraded to 7.0.4 my battery started going bad.  i'm still not even remotely buying it.  but i rely on my iphone so i felt i needed to just get it swapped out.  she ran a diagnostic battery check and showed that the battery was bad.  But because my power button was not working, it went out right after the 7.1 update (another coincidence!), i decided on a whole new iphone.

         I really hope there is some kind of class action down the road, i didn't pay $400 plus a two year contract to have a sub-par iphone.  I so regret upgrading to ios7, my phone was just perfect with ios6.  and i haven't given up on apple yet, most of their many other hardware/software pieces i've owned over the years have been great.  just ios7 and os mavericks, those are two pieces of junk right there.

         so, basically i tried everything i could with my iphone to fix what ios7 had done and nothing worked.  if you don't have apple care just suck it up and have it swapped out.  and please let me know if there is any class action suits.

  • eg2222222 Level 1 Level 1

    oh yeah, FYI, better start getting apple care with every apple thing you buy!

  • Jim395 Level 1 Level 1

    What a crock of *****...

    Day out with friends, battery gave out before midday.

    Spent the rest of the day relaying on others phones and asking bar staff if they had chargers...of course they didn't due to the fact that most sensible folk read this and listen to our pathetic complaints that don't get addressed, and get a phone that actually works..Samsung ect..

    This will be my last iPhone and I will be telling anyone who will listen to look elsewhere for top phone tech...

    Apple, you've lost it man, big style...

    Mr J will be so ashamed of the unreliable mess that apple has become...

    You had it in your pocket boys, it was yours to loose....

    And you did....blackberry revisited...

    Share price slowly falling...takeover by google, Microsoft or the like..

    Then all you innovators will then be accountable to real companies and shareholders...

    You'll be unemployable shambled second-rate lectures on how to screw a once promising career...

    Yep, that's the way the cookie will crumble....

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    I'm having the same issues and it's driving me nuts   My iPhone will randomly power itself down despite having more than enough juice left in the battery (20,30, 50 and sometimes 80% of battery) and it happens ever since I upgraded to iOS 7 ... this is clearly a software bug and it's something that Apple needs to quit ignoring here and begin addressing.  This is supposed to be a support community but I see NOTHING AT ALL from Mothership Apple in terms of how to successfully address the problem.  If nothing else, say that you don't have an answer but at least acknowledge that it is happening.   Check out all the posts on the web about this problem APPL and please quit ignoring all kinds of frustrated APPL users before we all decide to become SAMSUNG converts!!!    So hugely frustrating!!!!

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    Further to my post ... this is apparently something they have known about for a while and if the posts above are to be believed ... it's still not fixed in iOS 7.1 ...I found a great piece in Apple Insider about this and its a known bug of the new OS ... Come on APPL ... FIX IT !!!!!

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    I think you hit the nail on the head my friend! My phone is j a i l b r o k e n (shhh) and I have an app that shows my current voltage. I have 536 cycles and my phone is going to be 2 years old this December. My capacity shows that I'm still between 85-90%. When I'm on wifi and brightness is near 50% and under I get normal battery life. 5-8 hours usage depending on what I'm doing and no shutdowns until 1%.


    Now things get wonky when like you said higher power is being used. Such as lte, camera, high brightness ect. You are right! I did a easy test where I watch the voltage dip down significantly just after turning the brightness all the way up! Turn the bright ness back down and up goes the voltage!! These older battery's suck under high power demand. If the power stays high the os starts shaving off the percentages in chunks or just shuts the phone down even though there is plenty of capacity left.  Now I'm curious if I get a new battery if I will see the same results. Sounds like people with new battery's don't have this problem anymore!

  • eg2222222 Level 1 Level 1

    i believe you.  it always seemed to happen when lte was on, or using the camera for me.  also when google maps started up, must have been utilizing gps or lte.  apple will of course deny it to the grave.  oh well, i've paid my $280 for a replacement because it seemed to screw up more things than that on my phone.

    and my new iphone has a red stuck pixel, F***K!!

  • Proficient Level 1 Level 1

         24 pages of people all experiencing the same issue, yet there's still no real resolution. No sense of urgency on Apples part to resolve this particular issue, or many other known issues with various Apple products and servies. I feel that lately, Apple does a horrible job at releasing updates by rushing and not thoroughly testing. This is certainly not the first issue that I've had. I have also experienced this when I installed Mavrics and my monitors stopped functioning correctly, to the point where I had to revert back to mountain lion which they made me pay for in the first place.

         I have supported Apple over the years and have easily spent over 8k on their products. The funny thing is that we continue to support Apple and other corporations by rushing out to buy their latest products, paying top dollar, yet continue to be let down and given the same old runaround when hardware or software fails.

         I will no longer be supporting Apple ever again and if you've had similar experiences, I would encourage you to do the same. Corporations need to realize that without the consumer, they would not exist. I will be boycotting Apple and I hope that people in similar situations will do the same. If we don't stand up for ourselves, it will never get any better. There's always an alternative. Thank you.

  • fuentesdiego Level 1 Level 1

    So you iphone turns off then on like mine?  So you change it battery and done??? 

    pleasee answer me cause someone fix my lock button but after that my iphone turns off then turns on and I think that ******* guy change my battery.

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    Apple TV

    Like so many others I have the same problem, and it seems to get worse. Earlier my phone "only"shut down when I was out and used the GPS. But it was the same symptoms, there could be 50, 60, or 70% battery power left. But for the last weeks it shuts down even if I don't use the GPS.It follows the same pattern though, I am out running, listening to something. For some reason I take out the phone, to change app or even if someone is calling, then the phone dies. It wants me to plug in the charger. When I come home and can plug it in, it still is 70% or whatever it was when it shut down. It never happened when I'm inside, so I suppose it gets worse when it's cold.

    The problem started after a 7.X.X update. I had no problem what so ever before that.


    So, is there really no official explanation from Apple about this!!?? Something? Are they working on a fix? What is happening? They must understand that they will loose a lot of customers if they not address this, me included.

  • Iphoneisgoingtogethitwithahammer Level 1 Level 1

    Oh yeah let's not blame apple for an iOS that's destroyed them.

    Funny too how this is an apple site and still no comment from apple, they have got to be the lowest committed to the users mob out there.

    This is a real joke at the number of posts on here and the number of comments apple has made to there loyal users, well I'm not so loyal anymore just like them.