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How can I, or is it possible, to change the default icon safari provides for favicon? Or is it a question of whether or not a specific URL is designed to push it to the mobile device using ios7.

iPad 2, iOS 7
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    Sorry but no you can't change the icons. Some apps will deliver push notifications and most of these allow some adjustment of what you receive and how it appears such as a banner or a badge. That does not change the icon.

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    Thanks Gus


    I know that the icons for individual apps are what they are. I was wondering about the new feature on safari for ios7. If i were to close all open tabs i get to my bookmark page. On this page, all my bookmarks appear as icons below the address bar. Some of them come up as the apple default. Looks like a compass/pointer. My bookmark icon for NYTimes is the recognizable symbol for the paper. The icon for my google bookmark, for example comes in as apple default. Any ideas?

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    Those are icons for your favorites in Safari. You can access them by clicking this + symbol in the upper right hand on Safari. Any site you want can be added as a favorite. Those icons are the compass looking one by default unless the site has a specific one that automatically loads. These can't be changed either. Hope this helps.