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  • jasenash Level 1 (0 points)

    So yes this works, but all of the 'updated' apps that were in that list now do not work, ie my Twitter and Pinterest for example. I have deleted them and re-installed and they are 'hung'.. 


    Any idea anyone?

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    Thanks mzkitti2u. Jogging the date ahead cleared list.

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    Thanks! Setting the date on my iPhone ahead by about 2 weeks worked for me.  The list remained clear after I reset the date to today.  No apparent problems with app functionality that one or two other commenters reported after doing this.

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    This IS A BUG.  My iPhone 5s does not do this, every app (over 100) that goes through the iPhone auto deletes when updated (I do not have auto-updates set).  But on my iPad 4 I have updated over 100 apps since I installed ios 7 and all of them cleared off the screen except 3 of them that have been stuck for a week or more.


    I originally only had 2 apps stuck for about a week or so then yesterday I saw there were several new app updates available so I downloaded them and all of them cleared off the screen except one and it is now stuck, so out of the hundred or so on my iPhone and iPad only 3 remain stuck and just on the iPad.


    I installed the ios 7.0.2 update (which rebooted the whole system) and the 3 apps are still stuck on the App Store Updates screen.


    If I delete the app from my iPad by holding the force quit they delete out of the updates screen.  If I reload them back onto the iPad they again show up in the App Store Update screen and are stuck.  I tried deleting them totally from my iTunes screen on my MacPro and then downloaded them again and installed them.  They disappear until I download them and then are right back in the same place and stuck.


    I emailed the developers but have not heard back from them (Apple Support didn't have a clue).  I'm thinking it is something that the developers are missing when they write the app.  Why would over 100 downloads not stick but 3 have... but only on my iPad, not on my iPhone.


    I am convinced that this is a bug.. I don't care what the Genius tells you, it is a bug or I would have over 100 in my updates window, but only have 3.

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    Are the apps stuck in waiting?


    Here's quite a few good suggestions to fix this issue:


    And honestly if it gets to be too much and the troubleshooting is not working, consider syncing these apps over from your computer. Which will most definitely put an end to it.


    I hope this helps.

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    Stuck..  When I say stuck I don't mean stuck installing.  Everything works fine, the app updates and installs just fine, it just doesn't clear off the updates screen when it has updated.  On the right side where it will say "Install" before it updates it has a button that says "Open" and it does open from that button.  What has always normally happened up to ios7 is the app then clears from the updates screen until another update for that app is available.  In these instances it does not clear and just resides on the updates screen.


    You can clear it by using the "date advance" mentioned earlier in this thread but how stupid is that !!


    It is totally against logic that this would be a planned function since every time you go to the updates screen you don't know what is a new update or what is stuck.  As time would go on you would have most apps stuck on the updates screen that are on your device and you wouldn't know what is new or old.  If it is stuck does it clear off the screen if another update for the same app is available ??  How would you know ??


    It also resides where you have it located on your device and works just fine so why does it need to remain in the updates screen ??

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    Agreed, how stupid is the date forward solve? As I said earlier in this thread, I have over 1100 apps on my iPad, over 500 on my phone, given the frequency of app updates, I would be changing the date daily, and or have a list of "Updated" apps longer than the list of ones that need to be updated. I did the date thing last night, but as soon as I updated something, there starts the list again. I think is was intended by Apple, because why else would it arrange them by date? But **** people, why couldn't you install either an edit button or a slide and tap delete option, so I can get rid of them, like you HAVE in every other standard app on your devices (notes, calendar, reminders, etc.)?

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    Agree with litlwing13,


    If the logic is what the Apple Genius is saying why do they still delete off the main iTunes window when you download them.  If the logic was so you knew what was updated using Auto-Update they should remain in the iTunes window on your Mac or PC so you knew what was updated on your device.  95% of the time I use the "Check for Updates on the main iTunes window and that operates as it always did (once it is downloaded it deletes off the screen).  If you auto update on your device it will still show up in the main iTunes window and downloads from there to your apps on your desktop so they are in sync with what is on your IOS device and that is all the warning you need.


    What is the need to know what auto-updates.  If you set it to auto-update you know it is going to update in the background.  You can't do anything about the update after is it auto-updated except delete it.  You can't go backwards to the previous version if something is wrong or has a bug, at least not on your ios device.  I don't think you can even find out what version you are running on your ios device (maybe it is burried someplace in the settings) but you can on your desktop by control clicking on the app in the iTunes "all apps" window.


    It just doesn't make any sense, but hey, I'm not a Genius or a software developer so what do I know.

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    Some have suggested that turning off the auto updates will clear the list, but that is not the case. If the list is there because of the new auto update feature, why does the list persist even when auto updates are turned off? This is a very annoying feature I hope gets changed soon. Choice is a good thing Apple!

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,832 points)

    bondr006 wrote:


    This is a very annoying feature I hope gets changed soon.

    I'm not trying to be snarky but what is it about this that is so annoying? Just trying to understand.

  • bondr006 Level 1 (0 points)

    It's annoying because it's a list that I don't need. I do not use the auto update feature, so there is no reason for the list to exist. It's anoying because instead of a blank screen telling me that I am all up to date, there is an endless list of apps in place of the nice clean, easy to understand blank screen that tells me there is NOTHING to update. Apple is supposed to stand for simplicity. Just like Steve Jobs didn't like extra ports and buttons buggering up the nice clean lines of his hardware. This persistant app update list is a huge bugger messing up the nice clean lines of the software. The very opposite of simplicity.

  • dilbert41 Level 4 (3,380 points)

    The Updates start disappearing after 7 or 8 days.  Just let them roll off.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,832 points)

    bondr006 wrote:


    It's annoying because it's a list that I don't need.

    Everyone has strange things that annoy them, I suppose. Half open kitchen doors and cabinets irritate me. But, this just seems to be one of those things that you could just not look at. However, submit your feedback to Apple and hope for the best. Thanks for answering.


    Best of luck.

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    dilbert41 wrote:


    The Updates start disappearing after 7 or 8 days.  Just let them roll off.

    If they do roll off, I suspect it's at an arbitrary number, like Recents is 100 entries. I still have things in my list from September 19th.


    Best of luck.

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    See, that's. Just the thing Meg. When you go to update your apps, you have to look at that list whether you want to or not.