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    I don't see how having the shuffle button removed from the screen actually made this better . I like siri, but I would appreciate some flexibility here. Limitations are never good. I dont see how the icon was in the way. It was very helpful!!! 

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    I think the question  is not as simple as we could guess. It's not only a missing button. The App search functions  seem to have been redesigned with many collateral damages.


    For instance :

    - You cannot play all the songs  that have the word "love" in their title (or any other word, of course). In iOS6 it was possible. The only way is to create a list and add all the songs one by one !!! I had 108 songs to add one by one. Try it.

    - You cannot play a genre in the regular order of the albums using  the absurd workaround described above. All the songs found in the genre can only be played at random. In iOS6 the genre could be played in the right order.

    - The search function is very long, probably because it groups every song on the fly. I have 6000 songs and sometimes the search function is freezed for ten seconds (with no sign to indicate the search) on an iPhone 5 ! In iOS6 ther was not a millisecond of waiting.

    - Using the bypass described above, when you  select a genre, the app tries to group the songs in a strange manner, probably by artist, but the title for each artist is "Unknown album" (album inconnu in french), the icon is found on a random album for the artist,  and the text on the right is the total amount of songs for the artist (and not only the songs with the genre you looked for). And the playing time displayed is false and have nothing to do with the real time played if you press the button for an "artist or album".


    So, as for many apps designed by Apple, does someone know a real good and complete app in the store to play music ?


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    I am an Apple fan. I am surprised to see how apple team is reacting to this request and not including in the updates

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    This does not work right, I have tried, it, entered Country in the search box, and it only pulled up songs that state country, and a few others that had country in the genre location. ie: only pulled up 96 of the 1000 songs of country, I have in my iphone 5s.  With that said, if I went to Genre>Country all my songs do populate, but there is no way to play or hit shuffle songs from there.

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