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    Correct, you can't create playlists in the video app, but you CAN in the music app, and watch the play list or queue them up that way.


    I watched purchased video through Apple devices all the time. I'm not sure what that means.


    Your issues are with videos, you may want to search the app store for video apps that provide that functionality, instead of music apps.

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    MLadd wrote:


    Yes, "coverflow" in landscape is not based on the current playlist. I would suggest sending feedback to Apple for this issue.

    While that would be a nice change, Cover Flow never has been limited to whatever source you are playing -- it always showed your entire collection even if you're playing a subset in a playlist.  I'm OK with that.


    But this isn't what I was getting at.  Before, Cover Flow would center itself on the album of the song that was currently playing.  But now it reverts to the the last Cover Flow view you used, instead of it being context-sensitive to what you're playing.  The other aspect of this is that the "flipping album covers" when the song changes no longer works, but that's just eye candy.

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    Understood. But again, you should probably contact Apple directly at As users, like yourself, there is not much we can do in these forums besides try to find workarounds, which there obviously are none for this issue, or help guide in a different direction.

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    "Many podcast these days are not audio files. Try to keep up with technology."


    Yes, they are.  AACs or MP3s.  There are video podcasts, but those have nothing to do with what we're talking about in Apple crippling the Music app.

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    Sorry, no, they are not. Even audio podcasts and music files are not the same.


    Talking about cripiling the music app how? There is a bug, which has already been mention, has been reported and should hopefully be fixed in the next update regarding the Grouping Albums by Artist setting. There is also a known bug with the Play All for an artist and/or genre. But there is documented workarounds on this in the forum for the latter.


    So what else is "crippled" that you would like to have addressed by the support group here? How else can we help you today?

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    "Talking about cripiling the music app how? "


    They removed a basic function of the app, playing audio podcasts.  Hence, crippling the app.

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    The basic function of the Music app would be to play music. The basic function of the Podcast app would be to play podcasts. These are two different types of media. I am sorry you are not able to understand why Apple made this change and that you refuse to try the app dedicated to podcasts again, which is on it's 9th update since it's release 15 months ago. Perhaps revisiting this app will help. But if you still feel this strongly, please let Apple know at There is nothing else that can be done to assist you in this forum besides explain your options, solutions, and direct you towards Apple's feedback center (which they do monitor).


    It is too bad that you'll never listen to another podcast again on your iOS device.

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    I too am suffering with this App. I can't understand how someone would sign off on a music app that doesn't allow you to select more than one song at a time to delete/add to a playlist. You cannot play all songs in a genre. Adding a sing to a playlist is unnecessarily difficult. You cannot preview it before adding it. When creating said list you must essentially memorize which of your 10000 songs you'd like to add (this is on the phone of course. In iTunes it's fault easy to create a playlist but if you're trying to create one on the go... Forget about it.) This is the worst music app I've ever used. I'm Blackberry's basic media player absolutely blows this app out of the water.

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    Thank the genius of autocorrect for my typos in the previous post smh.

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    I cannot even begin to try and explain how angry I am at this new music app.


    I'll use Coldplay as an simple example.  While driving in the car....


    1.  Ask Siri to "Play Album Mylo Xyloto"  Sit back and enjoy her replies..

    2. Try getting to that Album through scrolling if you own all of Coldplay's music.  It's listed last becuase it is the latest album chronologically.

    3. For the love of God how could Jonny Ive let an app with RED text on a white background get out the door!!!  How many times have you laughed at a wed stie that is designed with stupid choices for fonts and backfgrounds.  SERIOUSLY Red text on a white background.  Try reading that at night in your car.

    4. The landscape flipping album covers provides ZERO useful functionality!! ZERO APPLE!

    5. The "Buttons" umm..  areas...  are way too small!!


    I could go on, but I'm so frustrated at change for the sake of change.  If it aint broke then DON'T FIX IT!!


    Yes I talked about distracted driving... But I thought Apple were supposed to make it easier to NOT BE DISTRACTED when using the app, not more difficult!!


    Music in iOS7 is a total epic fail.

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    I'm not wishing Apple to come up with new and better IOS 7, I just wish I could downgrade my IOS back to IOS 4 or 5. The new music app is freakin beyond terrible plus the sync takes forever and often end up deleting all your music.

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