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After software update 9/27/2013 system will not restart. Cannot reset. Unplugged re plugged did not work.

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    That's 9/20/2013

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    Hi there,


    I had the same problem but I solved it. I disconnected my Apple TV from my TV set and hooked it up onto my iMac with an USB cable (at the back of the Apple TV underneath the HDMI connector there is a small flat USB connector that allows you to make the connection with your computer). The device was instantly recognized by itunes and I was able to restore the software and firmware (including the latest software updates). I reconnected it to my TV and I was back in business. I hope this helps you as well.

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    I tried   to update my Apple TV 3rd generation to 6.0 after it "updated", the front light start to blinking and it told me connect to  iTunes and did so. After I plugged it in, I clicked on "Restore Apple  TV..."   which told me it would download and install the new version  update. I  went for it, but then it got stucked at "Preparing Apple TV  for  restore..." and after a couple of minutes I got this "Unknown  error  (1611)", and I can't use my ATV now. Tried in 2 different computers, same problem with Itunes 11.1. Can  anybody help me please?

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    Same thing happened to me last night. This brings to my mind a perplexing question: What kind of "upgrade" actually disables a product that was working fine? Secondly, why do I now have to go out and purchase a cable that I will probably use just once to fix something I didn't break?


    And what's with that dopey graphic that filled my TV screen just after the Apple TV system went tang uniform (tits up)? I finally figured out what the graphic -- an Apple TV unit with a cable connected to an iTunes logo -- meant: "Sorry, chump, but your Apple TV unit is now the equivalent of a paperweight. If you want to ever see it alive again, go to your nearest Apple store and fork over about 20 bucks for a micro-USB cable. We hope you enjoy our product."


    I want my money back!

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    I have had no luck after I installed to the ios7 on a new iPad.....there are many issues with ios7.....the unit keeps crashing for one, still does not connect to ATV, the icons are rediculous and I don't know if the rest of you think the whole : is much harder. Feeling cheated and Apple sshoots back msg as if this is all our fault....really


    Thankfully I only upgraded on one of the units.....everything works just fine on thee other 7 units:-) Fix your glinches Apple so our money is well spent!

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    Thanks Apple...can now move forward.......can you tell me why the software keeps closing out of apps often though?  Is that still one of the glitches??