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Hi did someone know why this happend ? I try to upgrade to iOS 7 with new iTunes 11.1. Download was perfect and fast. But during preparing iPhone for upgrate I got error 3004. Since this error I tried all -> delete all iphone, delete all apple products and instal them again, restore phone from deposit and many more... nothing helped. I think problem is not in my phone. I have same error also in one situation when I try restore iPhone from factory restore. I have error 3004 too. But when I restore phone form my restore I dont have this problem. Any help please ?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3
  • Allen A Community Specialists

    Hello Petr175,



    The following article provides further information regarding this error that can help resolve the trouble.


    iTunes: Specific update-and-restore error messages and advanced troubleshooting






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    Sad thing Allen, even after trying each and every one of the "supposed" solutions...nothing worked.

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    Here is my solution...I tried for a couple of hours and I stumbled upon this...


    - Unplug your ipad and make sure its in recovery mode



    - Make sure you have newest iTunes installed



    - Goto C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc



    - Make new folder here (name it ipsw) You will also need administrative priviliges



    - Move the ipsw files to new folder that you created in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc directory



    - Plug your ipad back in recovery mode



    - Select your ipsw from the NEW ipsw folder in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc directory by holding the "SHIFT" key when you choose the "RESTORE IPAD"

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    Guys I have been pulling my hair out for the last 24 Hours. here is what i did. the PC that was giving me the 3004 error was windows 8 Pro 64 bit. I just dowmloaded and installed itunes on my son's laptop running Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit. put ipad in dfu mode. then plug to laptop and do SHIFT RESTORE. works perfect. no errors. once ipad asking to swipe to setup. unplug then plug to original PC that has the backup restore to last backup.


    This WILL help.

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    Many Thanks heyrye,

    That really solved my problem.

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    heyrye you are a very big boy

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    Hey Guys,


    I had the same problem. But you know what I did? I kept on trying to install the new OS.


    I have an iPad 2, and my daughter was playing with it. She accidentally setup a password. I searched for a way to reset the iPad.


    1. Shut down the ipad.

    2. Press and hold the home button while the usb cable is unplugged.

    3. While holding the home button, plugin the usb cable to your computer.

    4. Wait until iTunes recognizes that you want to reset your device. You can let go when this happens.


    I had no choice with this one, to reset the device I also needed to do an "Update and Restore". After clicking on that and waiting for everything to get done. The Error 3004 appeared. I just had to repeat my steps over and over again until I was able to do it (3 or 4 times).


    Maybe the error is an internet problem. Maybe it is a connection (usb to computer) problem.


    Best Regards,


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    excuse me

    i got the same problem with my iphone 4S, whenever i chose restart, the next thing is error 3004.

    i've add a new folder named ipsw in the directory you've mentioned yet whenever i'm trying to restore by pressing SHIFT and chose RESTORE, i can't find the folder "etc", yet i could find it in the explorer..

    i've been trying for six hours and still can't do..


    any help please..

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    After you navigate all the way to the drivers folder and you look but can't find the etc folder, type the folder name(etc) into "file name" box then hit enter. Then you'll be able to see the contents of the etc folder.

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    This is what worked for me (using iTunes on Windows):


    Open Internet Explorer and try to browse somewhere.  If it says it's offline, have it go online.

    Make sure you can browse the web with IE.  Then retry the update or recovery.



    Why this probably works:


    3004 is some kind of network error, apparently happening when iTunes connects to Apple to verify the update or the iPad.  My Windows machine was connected to the Internet, Chrome worked fine.


    But apparently iTunes may use the WinInet library to access the web.  This library uses the same configuration and settings as IE.  I had recently installed Windows Updates (that did not require restarting the computer).  This seems to have left IE offline for some reason.

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    Thanks efffish... I had ran into same error with code 3004 where iTunes didn't let me either download new IOS 7 software for my iPhone5 and also didn't start the software update process. I opened the IE browser and found that IE was offline. Once it went online after opening browser, I was able to download and update my iPhone5 software to iOS7.


    This is such a foolish desing by apple that it uses IE's software library/components to connect to the iTunes server.


    Thanks for your findings, it saved my time. (I had already spent 3 hours trying to fix the problem.)

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    This work for me:


    Turn off your anti virus and any firewall setting while you upgrade it. seems firewall block my iphone connection to server

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    Hello Petr175

    Remove Iphone Pass-Code, Then you can updated IOS without error