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Hi, I've been trying to install Max OS X 10.6.6 Update Combined. Upon installation it says that the software required 1.96 GB of space and that my disk does not meet these volume requirements.


However it says that my Macintosh HD disk has 24.5 GB of free disk space.


Can anyone tell me why this isn't letting me install the software update?



Mac Pro, iOS 7
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    Launch the Terminal app in /Applications/Utilities/, copy & paste this command into the window that pops up, hit the return key, and copy & paste the results here.


    df -H /Volumes/*

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    Hi, thanks for replying!


    This came up...


    Filesystem      Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on

    /dev/disk1s3    1.5G   1.1G   374M    75%    /Volumes/Mac OS X 10.6.6 Update Combo

    /dev/disk0s2    320G   295G    25G    93%    /


    I understand I need 2GB of RAM as well? is this correct?

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    With these numbers, I'm at a loss to understand why the installer is having issues, unless the HD's so fragmented that there's no single 1.96 GB of contiguous free space. Do you have an exteral HD? If so and if it can accomodate your internal HD's data, I suggest DLing Carbon Copy Cloner (it has a 30-day free trial period) and putting a clone of your int HD onto it. Ensure it''s bootable and try installing the COMBO update onto the clone. If that works, then erase the int HD and clone the clone to it.