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    Didn't know that, thanks for the info.

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    I also have the same issue, on iPad 2. If I start the app in portrait mode it seems to respond better. If started while in landscape mode it starts slowly, and response to any presses takes a while too. Hopefully an update is pending and fixes this soon. I use the app every day to control the music playing through my home system.

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    After a few very frustrating days of trying to get landscape mode back on my ipad2 after installing ios7, I googled anything related until I think I found the least for me....hope it works for all of you! Since I always used the rotation lock on the screen, I never realized that there is a toggle on the side of the ipad next to the volume.........thats it! The answer has been right in our hands the whole time.........I don't think it's a bug tho until a few minutes ago, I was right there with you. I am so frickin relieved! This thing has been driving me crazy! Who wants to watch a movie in portrait mode, the screen is what, a 1/4 of the size of landscape? anyway, hope this helps all of you! If it does, you might want to start a new thread. I didn't want to jump the gun in case I was dreaming it or something...what a nightmare lol

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    Unfortunately this is not the issue people are having, the non rotation issue relates specifically to the Remote App. I think you'll find your Remote App does not rotate and is stuck in portrait mode.

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    unfortunately, I left the thread I was in where there were 4 pgs of complaints unrelated to the remote........some of them may have been. Anyway, my bad.......I .was going to read through more of the threads, then reply. All of my apps were stuck in portrait after installing ios7 and now they aren't...I don't need the remote app so would'nt know one way or the other about that...........hope it is as easy to fix

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    No worries, yeah I hope they fix it soon I use the remote all the time and portrait mode is a pain...

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    Me too, same issue - does not rotate into landscape mode on iPad 3,2 iOS 7.0.2.  Yay!

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    found on apple's homepage: advertising for remote app!!! FIX IT, please!!!


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    BigDaveT wrote:


    Also I've noticed that the Library Filter Buttons (Songs, Albums, Artists, More) do not react to a touch on screen unless the search box to the right is touched first. 

    Thanks for the tip, BigDaveT.  I wasn't sure how to get those buttons working properly again.  I was previously getting them to respond...rarely and unpredictably.


    This app seems not to have been ready in time for iOS 7.  Hopefully they'll post compatibility updates soon.

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    I have same issue with iPad 3 and ios7, stuck in portrait


    I also have this new  iPad cover case that keep my iPad always landscape on table


    Hope fix will come fast !

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    Same here - I use the Logitech keyboard cover and almost always am in landscape mode.  I also use the Remote app a lot and the loss of landscape is a real pain!  Come on Apple - it can't be that hard to fix one of your own apps!

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    Same thing happened to me on my iPad Mini.


    And it's worse: Not only is it locked in Portrait, but the keyboard is disabled when using menus on the Apple TV.


    I pretty much never used it in Portrait, and I use this app all the time.


    The keyboard feature (for example when searching for movies to rent) is, in that situation, the main reason to use the Remote app in the first place!


    I just can't believe Apple would deliberately hobble the software like this. I hope it's reported as a bug and fixed soon. It's gotta be a mistake.

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    I didn't find this thread at first, so I started another one with some details

    and then wrote a short blog entry


    Then I emailed some guys named Tim & Phil ... very surprised the Apple press hasn't picked up on this ... last update for the app was January 2013 :(

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    I may have found a solution to the general rotation lock bug: Settings - General - USE SIDE SWITCH TO: Mute


    This fixed it for me. It's a bit less convenient since Orientation Lock is now in Control Center instead of the slider switch, but it seems to be a decent workaround.

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    You really got Remote to rotate to landscape? On what device? My side switch has always been set to Mute. I tried toggling that switch and the rotation lock control to no avail.