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My mac book 7,1 won't connect to any networks (wireless connection) . It says "ALERT NO INTERNET CONNECTION" . The configuration IPv4 is on: Using DHCP. So, I don't understand why it's telling me this, and how i can fix it.

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    What do the Apple OS X network diagnostics report:


     > System Preferences > Network > Assist Me... > Diagnostics ...


    about your network connection?


    Do the networking problems here also effect connections via a wired network?


    Have you tried a different wireless network?   Does connecting at a library, café or Apple store work?


    I'm going to assume that you're not running OS X Server 10.6 on this MacBook — that would be unusual — and that you're probably running the client version of OS X 10.6, and are here in this forum because you saw the 10.6 in the forum title.  If I'm wrong here, there can potentially be other triggers for the network outage.  OS X Server management is rather different from whe OS X that Apple installs on a MacBook.