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Mark Bonifacio Level 1 Level 1

Hi. Hope someone can help me.


After trying to upgrade to ios 7. My iphone 4s keeps on restarting and won't contiue to install. I've tried to connect, reconnect then install the current ios but I keep getting the 4013 error.


Already tried putting my phone on DFU mode, used another PC/laptop, tried using other cable original), deleted the ip add on hosts file. Tried every solution I saw in the web.


Now I can't use my iphone, eveytime I open my phone it just goes to recovery mode (connect to itunes).


Please help.



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.4
  • Potsdam84 Level 1 Level 1

    I've got the same problem, but before appearing this one, I also have 0xE8000065. I tried many attempts and solutions but it didn't help at all((

  • ex_man99 Level 1 Level 1

    I have been updating The iPhone 4s from ios  ios 7.

    but i am stucked by the error 4013.

    It's showing Waitng for iphone and then just pop's up an error

    iTunes Error 4013.

    plz help


  • huestones Level 1 Level 1

    I have iPhone 4S with error 4013 updating to iOS7 and been to see a "Genuis" about it. They have concluded there is a problem with the logic board and asked me to pay £139 to fix it, as the phone is now 6 month out of warranty. The phone is like new from outside. This makes the iPhone the most sh*itty phone yet as my £50 sony erricsson has lasted me 6 years without issues. What a sad day for Apple.


    (I have tried DFU mode and all other ideas from the forum. Changed cables, computers etc. The phone was fine on iOS6.)

  • xtremecarbon Level 4 Level 4

    Haven't come across 4013 yet, but 0xE8000065 is a firmware error. I would suggest doing another DFU, but this time, download another copy of iOS 7.0.2 ( Direct from Apple: link). When preparing to restore the phone, click Restore iPhone but hold down Option/ALT simultaneously to select the file you downloaded (11A405.ipsw). Try that and report back w/results.


    Note: Link provided is for 4S ONLY

  • huestones Level 1 Level 1

    After much discussion with Apple, I have been able to claim redress under UK/EU consumer law and convinced my mobile operator, from whome the phone was originally purchased on contract, to pay charges for repairs to the phone. The mobile operator have agreed to pay the repair cost since it is a fault identified within two years of sale and the issue is purely hardware related. Apple have confirmed that if the phone was directly purchased from them they would replace it free under UK/EU law against such hardware faults. Over the phone customer services have been very helpful for both companies.

  • Mark Bonifacio Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you guys for the help and suggestions. Tried everything you suggested, but nothing woked.


    I brought my 4s to apple service center. They told me that it cannot be repaired and that they would replace it with refurbished 4s but I'd have to shell out around Php 11,000, roughly about $260. I'd have to pay outright, but since the refurbished phone would be coming from Singapore, Apple representative told me that I''d have to wait for couple of months before I receive the phone.


    I have several Apple products, but after this incident, I'd never buy any of their products because of this bad experience with after service of Apple. Sad.because I was even planning on buying the Iphone 5s. I'd just go for an Android phone instead.


    Thanks again guys.