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A friend who just upgraded & is beside herself at the changes to the lock screen and wallpaper in iOS7.  Can't seem to make the Move and Scale function work and stick on the Wallpaper, and she hates the keypad overlay blurring out her Lock Screen photo (she had the her Lock Screen photo cleverly sized and positioned in iOS6 so that the keypad was an integral part of the picture).  Is there a solution to this in the community? 

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    The keypad overlay can be modified so that it isn't shaded.


    Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast: On

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    This is an absolutely low character and unethical change Apple made starting with iOS 7.0, I believe.  I've read rumor that Apple is in bed with a friend of theirs who've they've allowed to make an App, which crops the photo so it will work on the lock screen and background photo.  If this is true, this indicates a terrible low character era starting with Apple.  An era of Apple beginning to disable standard features and moving them to App makers to generate programmers and funds for friends of the company who make these Apps.   I've been submitting Apple feedback since iOS 7.0 regarding this (probably going on 25 to 40 times now) with no updates and now, today, we are on iOS 8.1.1 with no changes.  It would follow that this will not be corrected if Apple has allowed App makers to make fixes for this code change.  Sad, isn't it.  Apple is rolling in so much money and success that they don't fear any repercussions from doing something like this.  You think Steve Jobs would have done something like this to the users?  I don't think so.  If you read Tim Cook's bio, he came from Compaq and IBM.  Stars began aligning in my understanding of Tim Cook when I read this and see programming like this.  Either he is involved or he is so separate from programming now that he didn't catch the programming change and hasn't noticed this bug.  Either way, it's bad news for Apple's success.  An unethical CEO or an ignorant one who is no longer in control of the basics.