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I cannot find out how to sort reminders by day within the Reminders app in iOS7.  In iOS6, I could hit the button in the top left corner of the screen and look at a specific day's reminders with the date strip that appeared at the bottom of the Reminder screen.  If I was viewing the current date, I saw all of the Reminders due that day and those that were past due, sorted sensibly by their due date. Does anyone know how to accomplish this within iOS7's Reminders app?

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2013), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    I have the EXACT question..... I loved having the dates at the bottom to click on.... What is Apple thinking....

    Drives me crazy... I use reminders every day... lets hope this temorrary...

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    I was about to post complaining about the same thing, but I sumbled on to it

    1. start reminders
    2. bring search box at top by sliding down gesture somewhere in middle of screen
    3. click on the alarmclock - this includes things in all lists.
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    Hello - after I posted my question after struggling with viewing reminders by date for 2 weeks - I found your helpful post of Oct 9. On 3. 'click on alarmclock...' - I'm not finding this. Instead I am seeing all 39 reminders.....



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    Folks - go find a response on September 30 by apple user Winston Churchill who provides a nice graphical illustration of how sort what's due today, tomorrow, and so forth!


    This another huge gaffe in the development, release and documentation by Apple of iOS7.

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    In the section where you see your lists headings, place your finger in middle of screen and slide down. This will bring the search screen bar with alarm clock on the right hand side. I am on version iOS 7.0.2


    I am knew to this discussion community using iPad so not sure how to add a screen shot.

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    Does anyone know how to view the past due reminders in the reminders app IOS7?  The badge shows I have 2 past due but I can't find them unless I go through each of the lists.  When I go to the "alarm clock" it shows scheduled but for what's coming up not what's in the past still needing to be completed.  The old version showed the past.  On my mac in the reminders when I am on the "Today" tab it shows the reminders which are past due but not on my phone/app?

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    Viewing Reminders is extremely confusing.  I have 3 kinds of reminders: geofences, which are always "on" and give me an alert in the right place; scheduled items, that have a due date; and stuff I just need to remember to do, that doesn't have a specific date. 

    Any time I look at my reminders, I should see the ones inside an active geofence, the scheduled items due soon, and the ones that are just on my to-do list.  This is really the list of "today's reminders", or better "current reminders". There does not seem to be any way to see my current reminders, whether in the reminders app or the notifications.

    I suppose the scheduled items could also have a "remind me x days before" parameter like calendar alarms do, or a "past due on date" field that sets off alarms, but by default they'd just show up a day ahead of the schedule date, or something like that.  

    Apple: please give us a way to see our Current Reminders!