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one day my old macbook pro running on snow leopard decided not to start. now when i turn it

on the light on the latch comes on, it bongs........ but screen stays black. i hear the disc and fans,

and the keys will light up.... but nothing else. i'm an old man- i don't get about anymore. this

thing became pretty much my only way to stay in touch with the word.  this was  second hand

machine.... but i've been using it for a while. i can't buy a new one....neither can i get someone

to repair it..... come to think of it.... if i could afford a repair.... i can buy a new one....they charge  lot.

no matter what i tried,  doing option+apple key+P+R, ctrl+apple+power button and hold,

unplug + take out battery wait 15 sec, plug it it +put back the battery and start. (it didn't) could someone

tell me something i haven't tried and help me get it going--so i can return the borrowed one?   thank you.

MacBook Pro, iOS 6.1.4
Reply by OGELTHORPE on Sep 21, 2013 7:21 AM Helpful

The symptoms suggest that the display or the connection to the display is faulty.  It can be properly diagnosed for free at an Apple genius bar.  Any repairs would not be free.



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