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I am using itunes match since its available. But ever since it never really worked properly. If i am using it on my ipad, it just keeps blowing up the music app. The apparently I am not able to download or connect to the itunes match server since about 3 or 4 months unable to sync my music at all.

it is really depressing, since i thought it might be just a problem of my preference, i have been trying to get it running for a while now.

I finally want to use my music and sync my ipod. Since there are some songs downloaded on my mac and others on my pc, it is impossible to sync the songs i´d like to use on my ipod.

Crazy thing, they are shown as icloud songs but marked light gray, so i am not able to download them at all. if i want to connect to itunes match it just sens information to apple for hours and days (i dont have any idea what it is sending).

The only way i can keep working on my music sync is home sharing, but what did i buy that itunes match for, if it never works and even as it worked on uploading all my music, it was slow and keeping up crashing down itunes? I am really frustrated and got no idea how to get to listen to the music, left on that "cloud", after checking and changing my prefs and stuff... all over again and again.

I just want my music back on harddrive... Worst thing, some of those songs are purchased, they should be available to me on any device...