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    ahogan5711 - same problem here.  tried sim, tried restarting phone, still no luck.  any resolution??

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    Unfortunately removing the SIM didn't resolve it after all... It was a temporary 'solution' and after some research I found out that it would charge when I pushed the connector a bit up. As soon as I let go of the cable, it wouldn't charge anymore. I guess the removal of the SIM was just a lucky shot...


    I think Apple uses one of the connections in the connector to verify that the cable is genuine, and no chinese poorly made fake, or something. In iOS6 that connection wasn't used, so no problem at all. If the connection would be weak/broken, it wouldn't make a difference in iOS6. But now with iOS7, it does affect it... I think.


    I ended up sending my phone to Apple and received a brand new one 2 days later. Top service, but it's a bad thing that so many people are having this problem!

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    EVEN IF THE MESSAGE "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone." Keeps showing

    6- dismiss messages it should charge nevertheless !

    Problem solved!


    Blame iOS 7 policy and terms

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    Isn't your sim, you just make sure you unlock pin, but try to follow the steps posted above , you gotta connect to computer and allow  "trust it" messages. Then even if certified messages pop up, it will charge

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    I just acquired a 5s and ran into this with one of my cables that was working and then suddenly stopped charging and caused the phone to throw the error. A YMMV solution I stumbled across was to:


    • Plug in the phone while it's on the lock screen.
    • Dismiss any error messages
    • Unlock the phone
    • From the Home screen unplug the Lightening cable
    • Plug it back in


    At this point your phone's battery icon should go green and get back to charging. At least until it throws the error again.


    It's an inconvenience for sure, but at this point is not happening often enough and in such a way that makes me want to go throw another $19 - $29 down on a secondary "Apple Certified" cable.


    As noted this method may not have a 100% rate of success for all, but it's been consistently working for me so far.


    Hope this helps!

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    I tried all this but have had no luck! I tried removing the SIM, restarting the phone, everything. The phone asks if I trust the computer, I say trust. The lightning bolt shows up and it acts like it's charging but it just turned itself off so I know it's not. Now the battery is totally gone and I am at a loss!! So frustrating! 

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    If you do have this problem, then you must get a ORGINIAL Apple Lightning Cable from any Apple Store. As this kept on happening to me, i just bought a new cable and now its working again.

    So all you need to do is buy a new lightning cable and you Apple device will be working again! If you any other problems please let me know or contact Apple directly.


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    Alternatives to the cables from the Apple store are MFi certified cables that can be acquired from and There are reports that the cables have a plastic casing near the lightning connector that's too thick to be compatible with the Apple cases for iPhone 5s. But reports are that they work for most speck and otter box cases, so you'll want to be mindful of that. The monoprice cables are supposed to have similar clearance to the Apple cables and be good to go. I recently ordered a 6ft cable for $15 and am going to give that a go.

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    Same thing here, got a This accessory may not be supported error, and no charge when connected by apple USB to PC.


    My phone WAS charging fine under iOS7 UNTIL, I got a popup message asking if I trusted this computer recently, since then, no charge,


    Whats up with that apple?

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    of course no one has a solution for me and I have 2 original from Apple charging cables! I do not have third party cables. I assume I will need to go to the Apple store as this is really getting annoying. Intermitent charging is not acceptable.

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    I had the same problem, bought a new charger and it wouldnt work right out of the box.. it would work at sometimes and would bring up the "isn't compatible with this accessory blah blah, it happened to be that the charger port was dirty, so much lint in there is clogging it for your charger to fully go in, TRY THIS BEFORE ANYTHING!!

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    To bypass the software based block do the following.


    Turn phone off.

    As the phone is powering down, when the spinning icon is on the screen plug it in.

    The phone will now charge to full


    This doesn’t work if the phones fully powered down because it auto powers up the phone and recognises the chip and blocks it.


    Its not ideal but it WORKS and is great for emergencies.


    I suggest you search ebay for MFI / ios 7 cables there’s a lot out now. And NEVER update you're iphone again. Better yet just get a Samsung or htc or Google.


    Its things like this that sent blackberry and nokkia down the tubes. Apple just did the same thing. They reached their tipping point. I'd give the iphone 3-4 years before its just a memory like the nokia ringtone or the blackberry qwerty keyboard. We'll remember iphones for their touch screens I think. Great example of a company not learning from other companies mistakes and failing to innovate.


    Apple blocked a lot of cable keys. Including official keys that were suspected of being used on non-MFI cables.


    Sony, Panasonic, belkin etc all pay big $$ to have a licence to use the proprietary 'lightning' cable. Which is basically a USB cable that apple wants everyone to use. The EU has laws against creating these kinds of devices due to the ewaste but because Apple is a monopoly on its accessories they can do anything they want. USB, more particularly micro-USB is the standard for every phone and tablet device. Apple is the only manufacturer who appears to ignore ewaste laws and anti-competitive laws and continue to insist on ID chips in everything it makes. They would put them in your food and brain if they could lol. Welcome to apple baby.


    If I was a business I'd do it too money money money! its the name of the game.


    USB cables have never killed anyone yet somehow apple is trying to convince everyone they do lol... At least that’s what their marketing team is trying like the devil to say. I wish I could make a 50cent cable and charge $25 for it.


    PS I called apple twice and spoke to 2 'genius’s'. I took in 16 cables. They denied there was a problem and then said maybe try an apple cable... which of course worked. Their solution was to recommend buying 16 new cables... I walked out. Sickening. They were all scripted to say 'we've never had this problem' and simply deny what’s happening. Anyhow my company has stripped apple off recommended status and moved to replace the 230+ iphones we supplied to companies with other brands. No one can copy files over without itunes, no ones cables work anymore. No one can Bluetooth files. No one can use personal music. Our head bosses thought it would be a good idea to keep everyone uniform. Now they are trying to ditch apple products as fast as they can due to these kinds of screw ups every 6 months on top of zero innovation.

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    I struggled with this FOREVER -- tried all the 'fixes' online -- and FINALLY found a 100% fix:


    First back up your iPhone, and make sure your internet connection is STABLE and won't be interrupted.


    Of course, this means you have to establish a connection between your iPhone and computer -- use the fixes above with the plugging in, powering off, and re-plugging. You can also play with the connection -- depending on how you insert the charging end into the phone, hold it to the right or left and keep it that way. Make sure it doesn't disconnect. I had to manually hold the charger into the phone during this procedure.


    Put the phone in DFU mode (


    Restore the iPhone while in DFU mode.


    Then restore from backup.

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    I am having the same problem since I upgraded my phone.  It just will not charge.  I am using the charger that came with the phone.  Did anybody find a fix for this please?



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