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I cannot play YouTube clips in safari with iOS 7. YouTube web pages don't even load, let alone the ability to actually play the videos.


Same result in 3rd party browsers as well, including the browser within the Facebook app.


It's as if apple has restricted http access to youtube.com with iOS 7. No issues whatsoever with iOS 6 or earlier.


Anyone else have this problem? Possible solutions?



iPhone 5, iOS 7
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    Netflix wasn't working either. Did a search and found out if you have cookies disabled in safari Netflix will not work in IOS 7. I turned on cookies in safari's settings and Netflix works, and safari will now play YouTube clips.


    YouTube still does not work in the Facebook app, or 3rd party browsers (Atomic Web).


    I've always had cookies disabled in previous iOS's with no problem. It would be nice if apple would inform its customers about significant changes that affect basic operations.

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    Same problem herre and no cookies for help! So whats wrong here..

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    This was driving me nuts. Allowing cookies got things working for me in Safari but not in Facebook. Once I quit and restarted Facebook, YouTube links started working again in Facebook too.



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    With iOS 7 every video automatically opened in YouTube app until I removed the YouTube App.  Now Safari plays videos but I often the message "sorry this video isn't available for this device".  The YouTube App supports more video types.  Safari supports H.264 but not Windows format nor Flash type videos.


    I'll try reinstalling the YouTube App sometime later and hope it doesn't prevent Safari from playing H.264.


    Hopefully the menu will offer playback choices instead of automatically launching the YouTube App.