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I updated my iPad and iPhone to ios7.


And noticed that Safari then puts a grey line around the edges of some layers. (But not all layers)

(There are some discussions around the net)


So I had a play around and compared the layers which had it and didn’t have the line issue


This is a weird answer and I have no explanation why it does it, but it’s an easy work around for me.


I have a div layer which is 232pxl wide

And an image inside which is 230pxl wide

I have the grey line border


If I add an email address which is longer than 232pxl wide (no spaces) I don’t get the line


So I changed the div layer to be 228pxl wide and the grey lines go.


Alternatively if I make the image 233pxl wide inside the div layer 232pxl wide I don’t get the grey lines


So having something inside the div layer which is larger than the div layer. Maybe causing it to stretch or something. Loses the lines.


I know that’s a strange theory but it works for me and easy to change

iPad, iOS 7