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SaraChrissie Level 1 Level 1

Hi, I just upgraded to i0s7 on my iPhone 4 and suddenly cant connect to my home WiFi.  have done all the basic troubleshooting steps including resetting network settings on my phone.


Any input would be appreciated.





  • pepperrell Level 1 Level 1

    I own and run a small business with about 10 cell phones on contract. Two are iPhones, and the rest are Android.


    I have an iPhone 4s user who still cannot connect to Wifi despite trying EVERYTHING including factory reset.


    I have therefore had an online chat with Apple about this. They demurred from admitting that the problem exists, but did under pressure admit that it was a "sensitive issue". They offered a callback from a manager, and I have asked them to e-mail me instead as it's going home time in the UK.


    They are risking severe reputational damage by refusing to fess up to the unexpected consequences of matching an increasingly desperate series of software upgrades with substandard components. The problem is of their making, and until they admit it and take steps, they will lose customers.


    No cosolation to the wifi-less and bluetooth-less customers, of course. Great news for the manufacturers and owners of Android phones, though. The Android users have had no problems.....