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    That is the exact problem I am facing..... Countless re-installs... And rest of the procedures.... At reboot.... Screwed again....


    And Apple is playing hide n seek.....

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    Same problems with Itunes 11.1.1. Screwed again after reboot. Where is Apple support?

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    I have this same thing--when I reinstall iTunes, it works, but only until I put the computer to sleep and/or reboot, and then the same old problem comes back. Deleted the lockdown folder stuff, no help.  Repaired permissions, no help. Reset PRAM, no help.  I have an iPhone 5, but had the same problem with my old iPhone 4.  Have had this problem for a year and a half now.  Have gone through half a dozen versions of iTunes upgrades, no help.  The only thing that works is having a virtual Windows machine in Parallels with iTunes in there, except that's a horribly janky solution.  Since when does Windows work better than Mac?  Come on, Apple!  Where's your support?!?

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    A whole bunch with the same issue, and still there is no rescue, guideline or whatsoever .... Yeah " since when windows work better than Mac"

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    Exactly same problem. Even with IOS updates, I have always had problems from MAC OS and not with Windows.


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    The only solution 4 now is to start iMac in "Safe mode". I hope Apple will fix it soon ...

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    Worked for me, thanks

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    I've been reinstalling itunes now practically daily.. otherwise there's no syncing my phone.

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    Welcome to the club..... I do it weekly.

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    Hi razor, since urs worked, can u list down here the exact procedure u followed, as in evry step u took.... Thanks.

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    I solved the problem by resetting the Lockdown folder first, then reinstaliing iTunes. There appears to be some type of handshake between the iOS device and the Mac after you follow the steps below. First reset the Lockdown folder then reinstall iTunes. The first time you try to sync, you need to verifyon your iOS device that it is okay to do this. I had the iOS device connected by USB, not wireless. Never had any problems again. Running 10.8.5 and the latest iOS.

    1. Disconnect all iOS devices from your computer and quit iTunes.
    2. From the Finder, choose Go > Go to folder.
    3. Type the following and then press Return:
    4. Choose View > as Icons.
    5. The Finder window should display one or more files with long alphanumeric file names.
    6. In the Finder, choose Edit > Select all. Then, choose File > Move to Trash. Enter an administrator password if prompted.
      Note: Do not delete the Lockdown folder itself. Delete only the files contained inside the Lockdown folder.
    7. Reconnect your iOS device and open iTunes.
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    Please stop with this lockdown folder procedure. It only works for a couple of users and we already said a lot of time that it did not work for us.

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    I too am experiencing this issue on my Mac Mini ever since I upgraded to iOS 7 on my iPhone 4S.  I installed iTunes for Windows at work so I could backup my iPhone.  So much for the motto "it just works".

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    I found a fix that worked for me after failing with all the others:

    IF your computer has an old cydia app called Wi-Fi Sync (you'll recognize it on your toolbar as a black silhouette of an iphone that NEVER goes away), then this is probably your main culprit.  Simple fix.


    1. Goto your hard drive in the finder

    2. Goto Library

    3. Goto Launch Daemons

    4. Throw this in the trash:  com.ghughes.wifisync.root.plist

    5. Goto Library

    6. Goto Application Support

    7. Throw this in the trash:  Wi-Fi Sync (it's an entire folder).

    8. Restart.

    9. Thank me.


    Peace and Love, Peace and LOVE!

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    Benxine my Man ! You are The Best !!!


    It worked for me!!! THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !!!