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I've decided to enter the wonderful world of 2 disks in my Mac by removing the built-in super drive and isntalling a 2nd HD.  I use both Mac and Windows work and need to boot separately into each now, since my work is extensive on each platform.


The Mac is an early 2011 MBPro.  I replaced the internal optical drive and replaced it with 500gb HD.  I can partition the 2nd drive into HFS+ and FAT32 without a problem.


The issue now is how create a situation where I have a bootable version of Windows 7 installer to carry out the installation.  Without the ability to boot from either USB or internal drive, I need to find a way to install Windows.


I have both a USB flash of Windows 7 installer and a .iso of this flash drive.  The USB flash drive was created using BOOTCAMP's builit in utility and the Windows 7 .iso file.  I assumed it would be a good idea for the installer to be a bootcamp configured install source.


For the next steps, I'd like to:

     create a small partition on Disk0, copy/create the Win7 install usb(or iso) to this partition on Disk0.

     Ensure the above is a bootable partition.

     Boot my Mac using the windows 7 installer partion that was created on Disk0.


I've looked at the *large* variety of posts out there on how to do this, but none of them have worked correctly.  Several involve using 3rd party utilities/apps to acheive the result, but none has worked correctly. 

The closest I came was to installl was to install NTFS for Mac OS and then use Parallels to install Win 7 onto the bootcamp partition. Install worked fine, but after it was fully configured, received errors about not finiding a bootable disk.  it does work in Parallels only, but I wont' be alb eot work in a virtual environment for my work flow.


If anyone know the answer to this, it'd be greatly appreciated.  Boiling it down, I'd like to to achieve my goals above and stay with the Mac OSX 10.8 environtment, using just the Finder, Terminal, or combination of both.



MacBook Pro (17-inch Early 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), 16gb of RAM, 500gb SSD & 500gb Appl