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Can anyone tell me if there is a way to delete songs off of an iphone 4S with IOS 7? I saw on one of the other communities that there is a way to delete songs off the iphone by swiping the title of a song from right to left (the opposite of deleting a song with IOS 5). I also cannot delete the songs off of my phone using the latest version of itunes. Can anyone tell me if there is another way to resolve this, or are we going to have to wait until they come out with another IOS update to fix this problem?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7
  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10 (93,760 points)

    Music App>Songs...swipe RIGHT-to-left across the song, tap delete.

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    When I try your fix, all I get is the song starts to play.  No delete to tap.  Any other hints?

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    I had the same problem. There was no answer on the apple support site, but did find an answer here;




    good luck!!

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    Swipe to the left (kinda like deleting/archiving in mail) then the red delete box will show up.

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    Apparently that only works with some songs. Really, Apple? Fix this!

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    I noticed that if there was a particular song availble in the cloud but not downloaded to the iphone, and I listened to it on the iphone without choosing to download, then I could no longer delete it.


    The solution was to go into itunes, transfer the same song from my desktop to the iphone, and then I was able to delete it from the iphone.

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    Yup, same issue here. It's not on my Mac, or in iTunes. I don't have it in iCloud. Can't get rid of it.

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    Here's what I did:


    1. I synced my phone to iTunes and under the music tab, I selected sync only checked playlists. I made sure I had none of my playlists selected.


    2. After syncing I ejected the phone, and checked my music app. There now was no music at all on my phone.


    3. Synced it again to iTunes and synced music how I typically do. When it was finished, I checked for the unwanted song, and it was gone.


    Maybe this will work for you as well.

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    I found the same thing to work as Inglezoid. If an item wasn't selected in the "Music" tab in iTunes, it's like iTunes had no knowledge of it being on my phone and, thus, couldn't remove it. But if I selected that item and synched, it now saw it. Then I'd uncheck it and synch again and it would remove it.


    The odd thing is that the "On this iPhone" tab clearly shows everything that was on my phone. However, there doesn't appear to be a connection between the two.


    I also am unable to make the swipe left-to-right thing show a "delete" button. It simply plays the song I swiped on.

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    Just discovered one other scenario...


    As I was adding songs back to my selection, synching and then removing them, I noticed not all of them came back off of my iPhone. On closer inspection, I realized why. I had put some music on my iPhone. Then, at some point, I went through iTunes and deleted duplicates (you know...because iTunes can't tell it's the same song). Any song on my iPhone that was one of those deleted duplicates is now "orphaned".


    So I'll have to come up with some other way to get them off of there.


    *le sigh*

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    O.k., next bit...


    Actually swiping from RIGHT to left (not left-to-right) did make the delete button show up...for most songs. So that got rid of a few more. After that, I was down to three songs that would not delete.


    So I went back into Settings (with wi-fi off) and turned "Show All Music" back on under the "Music" settings. Then I went back to the Music app and there were cloud icons next to the remaining three songs. They had played from the cloud (which I didn't even realize was possible), not actually downloaded. So a record of them remained in order to show the number of times played and such. So I told it to download them over cellular data (if I turned wi-fi on, I saw all of the songs I'd ever purchased that were in the cloud). So you could do this with wi-fi on, it just makes it hard to tell which songs are being problematic and which are just "available" because they all have the same cloud icon.


    Once they were actually downloaded...I could finally delete them.



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    Worked for me! Thank you bgohsman!

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    At the bottom of the sync music section in itunes is a box for manually added songs (you have to scroll down). Select and remove. easy peasy

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    In my case, there were still some songs remaining on my iPhone even after removing the manually added songs in iTunes. Basically, any song/album/playlist that showed up in iTunes for my iPhone could be removed using iTunes. However, I found two cases that would "orphan" a song on the iPhone such that it did not show up in iTunes as even being on the phone:


    1.) If you have duplicates in iTunes (imported more than once), you put the song/album on your iPhone, then delete the duplicate in iTunes.

    2.) If you play a song from the cloud without actually downloading it.


    The first was fixable by swiping right-to-left (not sure why they changed it from left-to-right, that seems to be tripping people up) and then hitting "delete".


    The second was fixable by actually downloading the songs from the cloud, directly on the iPhone, and then deleting them by swiping right-to-left.

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