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After my apps update, how do I remove them off of the update screen.  After they update, they have an "open" option.  If I get out of the App Store update page and go back in, the updated apps are still there with the "open" option.  It's getting kinda crowded on my app update page.     Any ideas?



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  • sberman Level 7 (32,258 points)

    iOS 7 has a new capability that allows app updates to occur automatically in the background.  I think what you're seeing is related - a history is kept so you can see which apps have been recently updated without your specific action.


    My guess is these apps will remain there for some reasonably short period of time - but I don't know as iOS 7 has only been available for three days.


    You will know which apps need updating because they will not say "Open".  If they say "Open", they have already been updated.

  • Steve Nicholls Level 4 (1,550 points)

    You will probably also notice that there is a date heading, then the name of the Apps.  This is because you can now set Apps to update automatically, so the updates screen also becomes a history screen to show what apps have updated and when, and for you to see what was new for that update.


    In other words, this is by design, and cannot be changed. Whether or not the "history" here will expire after a certain time, or change for the same app when a new update for that app becomes available remains to be seen at this time.