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Hi all. I've tried to solve this one previously, but alas have found no answer. I'm wondering if anyone might be able to help out there...


I'm running a G5 iMac PPC on 10.4.11 - this is now slowly running out of support, and I want to run a small (3-4 station) network, so  I found out I can update to 10.5.8, which is apparently the last update possible for this model of Mac. I bought a used copy of 10.5 Server (because of the network wish).


For several months, and with the much appreciated help of BDAqua from this community, We've been rummaging around in these systems' innards to find how to migrate my apps/files/ settings etc from my previous OS to the new OS, so that I will be able to use the G5 as a workstation and also a small network server.


There appears to be no Migration Assistant for Mac Servers, only Server Assistant, and, having installed OS10.5 successfully, it didn't present any choices to transfer any apps/files/ settings etc from the old OS, and just set up a new Server OS.


Maybe I'm trying the impossible, or just being dumb or odd, but is there any way to achieve this transfer without going through every app and file individually?


I look forward to any experience/help/advice any of you good folks can offer.


Many Thanks, P Mason...

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