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MatthewBrett74 Level 1 Level 1

Since upgrading to ios7 my iPhone 4S no longer allows me to watch music videos in full screen mode when I select the clips via a playlist from the music app.


It's now more necessary than before to use the music app rather than the video app to select music videos to play.  That's because the video app doesn't list music videos by artist any more. And also because the fast forward and rewind buttons on headphones remote no longer work on videos.


How do I watch full screen videos when rotating my iphone now shows my music library rather than showing the video itself?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7
Solved by rmattbyrne on Jan 3, 2014 7:34 PM Solved

Here's an app that was just released that let's you watch music video's in any orientation.

  • Dzunku Level 1 Level 1

    I was shocked when I discoved that Apple eliminated landscape music video display in MUSIC!  I have a couple of hundreds of them stored in my iPhone 5, and watching them had been the major use of the phone.  VIDEO has no playlist or artist view and cannot continuously play short music videos.  What a pain Apple's poor decision gave to us! 


    I don't need to see album view in landscape mode since it is there from the main view.  If Apple does not want to eliminate it, make the both views available.  Turn CW to the flat album view, and turn CCW to landscape music video view.  Release an update to save my iPhone from useless to useful, pleeeeease!

  • gonzalez.eddie Level 1 Level 1

    I agree. This is a hugh FAIL. I watch music videos at the gym while working out. Not having landscape views will reduce the music video to a postage stamp size. HUGE FAIL!!! I hope someone is paying attention.

  • Dzunku Level 1 Level 1

    Addtion to the postage stamp size video, the rest of area is pure white and too bright.  You don't have bright light panels on top and bottom of your TV facing you.  This is very thoughtless and bad design.


    Lyrics used be bolder and larger with white letters on black back ground.  It was easy to read when I do karaoke on iPhone.  Not any more.  I have to hold iPhone closer, that strain my eyes.


    In fact, iOS 7 interface is simply too bright.  With small and thin font used in everywhere, it has become eye strain very quickly.  You can adjust font size and thickness in some apps, but not to lyrics in MUSIC.


    This is a really bad design change.  If Apple think this is cool and some people like it, give us a choice, bright interface and dark interface.  I bet that majority prefer the latter. 


    This is the first time for me to look around phones from other manufacturers.  Sony offers synchronized lyrics dispay on their music app, which is really appearing to me for instance.  Sigh…

  • hunt4antlers Level 1 Level 1

    I don't know why I let my grandson talk me into this iPhone 5s, maybe because Apple had a good reputation.  I gave up a Razr Maxx HD which played perfectly beautiful music videos and a screen that was easy to read for sudden dissapointment.  Does Apple usually screw things up like this?


    iPhone 5S is not cool, may be worth Verizon's return fee to get out of this mess.

  • Dzunku Level 1 Level 1

    hunt4antlers, sorry to hear that.  But I still think that iPhone 5S, 5C, and all other models are great pieces of hardware.  Just much hyped iOS 7 turned the comfortable and easy to watch interface upto iOS 6 into eye sour beast especially for old guys like myself. Unfortunate for you, iPhone 5S and 5C has no choice but running iOS 7.  I had a choice. But once it was upgraded, I have no choice to go back.


    I bet that Apple did not realize this issue and went ahead for these changes probably because their R & D department is filled with young 'bright' kids who have no issue to this interface design.  In fact, I didn't before, but I do now. 


    I am writing this in front of two 21" Apple cinemadisplays attached to a MacPro, and OS X has the same issue.  The two main applications I use, Mail and iTunes are just too bright to use for more than a few hours.  Apple provides no choice to adjust this standard theme.  Mac OS has been like this from the beginning.  But as monitor size has become larger and larger, and brighter and brighter, this interface has come to the point of my eye health issue.  It's time to stop writing and get my eyes rest.

  • pet2000 Level 1 Level 1

    I watch music videos extensively.  I could not believe that Apple would take it away - I am still scratching my head over this.  Totally and utterly disappointing.  Classical Apple approach - Apple way or a highway though I think Steve J. would not allow for this.  Not only I have to go through the pain of using itunes for anything and everything related to iPhone but every time they release new OS I have to find ways to use something as basic as playing a video clip.  In the past there was no way to create video playlists.  One way around it was to use music vidoes as music playlists would work.  Now the video playback is about 1/3 of the screen.  This is below a joke.  It is pathetic.


    I tried to create a straight movie lists.  I sync a couple of small lists placed in a list folder.  The folder containing these lists and videso popped up on the phone after sync but was empty...   Funny to think that a week ago I was concidering getting iPad mini, and playing the videos was one reason to get it.  Nothing to think about any more. 

  • hunt4antlers Level 1 Level 1

    I went to Apple Store last night and a tech made a change in my video settings and now my videos show up and play in landscape within the video app, not the music app.  He did not show me the setting but it was somewhere in the video player.

  • pet2000 Level 1 Level 1

    I do not think it is a problem to play videos in the full screen mode using the video app.  It should work just fine, it does work ok for me  on iphone 5.  The original question was to play music videos in the music app.  Music videos and videos are two different things - I am not sure why but they are.


    The problem here is that the music app supports lists and the video app does not.  I just looked at the ios7 video app and while my few test videos are shown in it, the lists they were in (in iTunes) are nowhere to be found.  There is no lists in the video app - period - which is as it was before. 


    The video app plays videos and music videos in the full screen mode no problem but if you have a few hundreds or more of such videos you will have hard time finding the one you want to play.  There is simply no way to categorize or group videos.  The old good folders/directories are, I guess, too simple for Apple.  It is just too bad that for years on end the world's leader in S/W development did not offer anything to categorize videos.


    You have lists, albums, etc., for music, you have albums for pictures but you have absolutely nothing for videos.  And this is and has been the Apple's state-of-the art solution for this problem - simply insist that the problem does not exist.  Actually it is getting worse.  Not only there is nothing to categorize or group videos but now the only way it could be done (by marking videos as music videos and using the music app) results in a mini playback area. 



    Soon this OS will be able to cook dinner for your but grouping videos... no way.


    What is happening here???  

  • Really22 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes i belive that this needs to be fixed. as it is really turning me off, Iphone's and Itunes. Really thinking about changing my phone. and forgeting about Itunes. YES REALLY REALLY This was the only reason why i started buying albums of itune's ( for the music clip ) other wise i would of just got the CD. and then itunes would not make as much money. . just somthing to think about guys

  • pet2000 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello again.  I looked around and decided to try the "TV Shows"  as another way to categorize/group my home videos (as a replacement for "Music Videos").  The TV Shows do play in the full-screen mode.  On paper it did not look too bad.  There are "shows" that contain "seasons" that contain "episodes".  Modifying the meta data for the videos presented first challenge.  Trying to correlate what is displayed where was more difficult than it should be. I did not find much help for this in iTunes.  Luckily some good people out there described it nicely on the web.  I finally got it and after a couple of syncs started to see the "TV Shows" on the phone in more or less the kind of way I expected it. 


    First disappointment was that the name of the show was nowhere to be found on the phone... go figure...  I was even ready to create my own art-work with the show name on it but after seeing more problems I gave up.  Second thing was that all of a sudden (during my simple experiments) the same season was listed twice on the phone and each of the two containers would contain some of the episodes.  Finally I got a season called "Season (null)" suggesting a NULL pointer for a string perhaps.  This null season contained some episodes from Season 2.  The rest of the Season 2 episodes were in the properly named container "Season 2".  To top it you cannot change the "Season #" thing to anything else.  In short in a typical Apple way it likely works well with Tv shows you buy from Apple and appears to be design/implemented to inflict sufficient amount of pain to discourage you from using it for anything else.  Well, at least that's how it worked for me.  By the way it all worked fine in iTunes.  The weird things were all happening on the phone only.


    I really do not understand why for years Apple has not offered a simple way to group home made videos.  What is wrong with the simple notion of a "container"?

  • darkjedi Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here.  I use my iPhone to play music videos through the super overprived Apple AV cable on a full sized TV at work and now I cannot do that anymore.  What's worse is that to watch a music video, I have to individually select the next one after one get's done playing.  It's all I use my phone for besides calls and it was perfect from me.  Hook it up, hit shuffle and I was watching even though the shuffle would repeat some videos and not play some perfectly fine ones.  Now nothing.  I want to go back to iOS6, but I even started having problems with it during that last iOS6 update. Some perfectly fine videos have stopped working althgether and some of the one's I bough from Apple have converted to lower resolutions (i.e. 480 to something like 260).  Apple isn't even offering HD videos unless you get on a European iTunes site such as UK or Italy.  I suspect this has something to do with Google/Vevo wanting total control over music and videos and having Apple by the balls now. I will never use a service to watch my content, not to mention that I do not have internet at work and no network, so this is my only option and reason for having the iPhone.  Since my contract is up I'm going to look at a Windows based phone tomorrow if I can't get this resovled.  At least with those you can still bring in your videos (anytype) and shuffle the playlist from what I am told. I think I'm going to return my new ipad and sell all the Apple TV's while I'm at it.  Not worth having if it won't do what I want it too.  Back to the Windows world for everything unfortunately. Here I come Roku/ Win 8/ and or Samsung.  Yuck!

  • Miltonfromky Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I have this same problem! I guess if enough of us dissatisfied apple customers complain, apple will change it back. I used to exercise at the gym to shuffled "landscape" music videos on my iphone uninterrupted. Now I don't have shuffle and I have to keep manually selecting videos as I exercise!

  • Miltonfromky Level 1 Level 1

    Apple, Please. PLEASE change it back the way it was!!!!!

  • bluebearies Level 1 Level 1

    i just got off the phone with Apple support, they have confirmed that the function, to view videos in full screen in playlists, has been removed. so, they have advised me to put in feedback to Apple, and suggest people having the same issue/problems to feedback too, so the more people who feedback, the more likely Apple will look into it and add that function back. (right.)


    so people, please feedback to Apple!

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