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My home sharing is ON on both of my devices (computer to ipod 5th generation), but in my itunes on my ipod, my downloads wont show up. I was hoping to add those downloads to my ipod. Am i wrong to think i can do that?

iOS 7
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    Troubleshooting Home Sharing

    Understanding Home Sharing


    I do not understand what you mean by downloads not showing? Just what are you trying to accomplish? Downloads of what?

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    You are not alone. I am also having trouble with it since the upgrade to 7. One of the libraries on one of our computers (the only non-apple one) shows up sometimes and then disappears. I've tried all the troubleshooting tips. Totally restarting one of our iPads allowed the library to finally show up, but only temporaryily. Itunes is open and the computer is not in sleep mode.

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    It is the issue I have. Having several machines with iTunes, it is a lottery trying to get a specific library to show up on my IOS7 devices.  I have to shut WiFi support down several times in a row until the right library shows up on the list.


    It is not a matter of firewalls, date/time, Apple IDs, home sharing config nor iTunes versions.  Everything was fine until IOS7.  Now my iPads and iPhones don't have consistent access to my libraries. It feels like a race:the first iTunes (in the iPhone) or two (in the iPad) to answer the call appear on the shared libraries list.


    I can have, at the same time, on two different iPads, a different list of libraries for video support.


    My PCs and Macs can see each other  fine in iTunes. My Apple TVs can use the libraries without issues.  I am baffled.

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    Good luck.

    I keep all my iTunes account running from one iMac.  My sons have their own Apple Id and accounts, which all seems to work fine.