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Ok!! I know im not the only person here, but Ive only seen blutooth connection issues.
Mine is different!
I use the USB plug in for my phone in my car, I drive a 2013 Kia Rio.
So here are my issues

#1- In my car, the phone is "stuck" on repeat one song, when, none of my settings are set to repeat... each time a song is over, I have to change it manually (through my steering wheel) to the next song...
#2- After i press the next song button on my steering wheel, its takes a good 5-10 seconds for it to register and change the song, also it gets buggy and will pause the new song for a few seconds, or skip a little of it

#3- Using voice-to-text while my phone is connected to the USB plug in my car, doesnt work, its like it doesnt register my voice...
#4- when I pick up a phone call in my car, and the phone is playing music, The music stops in the car stereo, but continues in my PHONE SPEAKER! yea, I can hear some one talking and listen to the music from the same speaker in my phone... so I have to unplug the phone each time i get a phone call sp the music stops.

#5-  Scrolling through songs/artists/playlists etc.  using my head unit is VERY slow...
I never encountered ANY of these problems with iOS 6...
(Plus, the new colors are horrid and ugly.. make me feel like im in the 70's... the new color scheme feels like an 8 year old picked out the colors....)

iPhone 5, Windows 7
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