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How do I delete a song from my iPhone ?

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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    First, you have to make sure that the song is downloaded to the device. If there is a cloud with the down arrow next to the song, the song is not downloaded to the device. Tap on Songs in the Music app to get to the list of music by song. Once you are there, swipe your finger to the left on the song name and the red delete button will appear to the right. Then you will be able to delete the song. I found this in the iOS7 manual that is available to download for free in iTunes.

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    I have done that, however the cloud with the arrow keeps coming back. I tried deleting it on my computer as we'll but still no luck.

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    So ios7 now let's you see all your music that you have on itunes. So it will show up with a cloud next to it. The cloud means it is in your library/Cloud but not downloaded onto your ipod/iphone. So to only see the songs that you have downloaded onto your ipod/iphone go to settings>iTunes & App Store. Under show all it says "Show all store purchases and iTunes Match uploads in your music and video libraries, even if they have not been downloaded to this iPhone/ipod." Push the switch to the left turning it off so there is no green. Hopefully this will solve your problem. I had the same problem and it fixed mine.

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    it does not work. it is still there